'The Roller Skates' Synopsis

In the back garden Neil is banging and making lots of noise in the Shed, Kim is trying to have a relaxing bath, but shouts out of the window. Neil does not hear, but shouts back.
Harry is watering the garden when Neil's shows off his new motorised roller skates that he's made for Dawn to clean the house!! Harry is not so convinced by this. Neil says that the skates will control Dawn rather than the other way round and presses a button on the remote and makes Harry stop talking. Neil goes upstairs to Dawn's room with a knock, Dawn reply's come in! Neil introduces the Skates to Dawn and show's here the controls, the skates go wild and amazes Dawn, the house will be clean at this rate. Neil leaves Dawn with the Skates, she has a wild time dusting and cleaning her room, with the scene sped up a little, Dawn falls over on the bed.
Neil comes down the stairs and he turns to talk to the viewers saying that Dawn cleaning with her skates was quite funny, mentioning that it can be quite dangerous using skates especially if your going to be cleaning around the house wearing them.
Frank Sidebottom comes down to No. 73 to visit and is greeted by Harry surprised to see him, they chat in the hallway for a while. The Sandwich Quiz is next with Dawn as the Host and Kim and Frank as the contestants, the quiz is all about 'Pop Music' with 8 questions the quiz is full of fun and laughter not only form the contestants but Nadia and Harry make a real good scene. Frank wins the sandwich quiz and is awarded the 'Golden Loaf Trophy'.
Dawn comes skating through and is hungry but so is Nadia and Kim, Dawn skates off with the sandwich quiz sarnies, but Neil is wondering what she's up to as he's doing the washing up? The skater is on the floor in the kitchen as she has eaten all the sandwiches, Nadia and Kim come through, and are suspicious, saying 'Where's those sandwich quiz sarnies', Dawn replies 'I don't know', but those too are not quite so dumb!! Kim and Nadia tell Dawn off because they now have nothing to eat!!
Nadia decides to do the laundry, she puts one load in muttering 'More job's to do'!! and walks off. Frank Sidebottom walks through to the kitchen and slips over in the soap sudds as the washing machine has exploded!! poor Frank he has hurt his knee, shouting the words 'Who's put too much washing powder in the washing machine'? Nadia comes rushing in saying it was here then Kim comes through and tries to fix the problem. The gang try to clean up the mess with failure, poor Frank puts his foot in the mop bucket and goes flying.
The gang are asleep in the kitchen around the table, Dawn comes through saying to the viewers that it's always her doing everything, so she puts the washing on again!! she gets her own back on the gang by counting 3-2-1 WAKE UP rattling the bell over their heads!! The gang are shook up and awake, they realised that Dawn had put the laundry on and are upset because it means that there will be soap sudds everywhere again, one by one they run round the table after Dawn to get her, as Harry was mad. Neil and Harry put the washing out on the line in the garden and joke around.