'Anytime Anywhere' Synopsis

The sun is rising down at No. 73, Neil is yawning as he is bringing in the pints of milk, Nadia is in a rush because she has left her purse round Franks!! Neil talks to the viewers saying
that he knows what Nadia is like, clothes and shoes are her main thing's!! more unfolds when Harry is met by the postman while putting the bin outside!! funnily enough a lady with a big hat and nose comes running past the postman and knocks into him and then into poor Harry, spilling the rubbish all over the pavement!! Harry talks to the viewers saying that it's a lovely warm day!! Harry takes the post inside.
In the kitchen, Kim is taking singing lessons and Harry picks a bit while Dawn has her fingers in her ears!! Kim feels insulted and gives Harry the tickle torture, that he hates and makes up not!!  In the living room Neil is trying to watch the TV but can't find anything interesting to watch, he asks Harry to turn it over and watch the other side!! silly Harry actually turns the TV round, Dawn comes through suggesting they take up reading for a change?? Harry and Neil hate reading books!! So Dawn takes then to the book cupboard, Neil tries to tell Dawn something, but she will not listen, uh oh, Dawn opens the book cupboard and is met by spiders and webbs, she gives a great SCREAM! Neil and Harry Laugh, Dawn is mad that they did not tell her about the spiders, Harry says 'That goes to show that you don't use the book cupboard either'! Dawn shying away.
In the kitchen Harry is reading the newspaper!! when Neil creeps up behind and splats a big cream pie in his face, laughing away!! Harry says 'NEIL'!! Later in the kitchen the telephone rings and Neil answers it!! Dawn has been doing the washing up! she wants to know who's on the phone? It's Nadia on the phone she tells Neil's that she has done a bit too much shopping and would like the gang if possible to go into town and help bring it home?? The gang get together and go off into the town, while Neil has been painting the window frames!
In the town the gang hang around to meet Nadia, she has boxes of clothes and shoes that she has bought!! in the distance a strange lady is seen running?? Kim, Dawn, Harry, spot Nadia and as she approaches but the lady who was running has come rushing past, Harry notices in the newspaper that he may have spotted that lady who is wanted for stealing valuable mink fur coats and tails!? The gang are puzzled, meanwhile the lady seen running is the fur snatcher and she is running from the police and is trying to hide!! she's seen hiding in shop doorways and behind cars. The gang cross the road with Nadia, but are not helping her with her shopping? The fur snatcher runs back down the road as someone is walking up behind her and gives a great SCREAM! The fur snatcher runs into poor Nadia with her shopping, what a stunt!! the gang runaway but the lady is not happy the fur snatcher finds out where Nadia lives, down at No. 73, the fur snatcher knocks on the famous red door and guess who answers it? Nadia that's who of all people it had to be her!! she gets the fur snatchers handbag right in the face!! poor Nadia shes been left startled.