'The Move' synopsis

Characters include KimNeilMartin from next door No. 75!  and Tweep The Puppet Bird our new guest!!
Mr. Birch the landlord is having 73 demolished so the gang have to find somewhere else to live!

Kim, comes through to the hallway, to greet the viewers! she speaks to them telling that Mr.Birch, is having No. 73 demolished!!, She has been trying to find a new home all week but can't find anything??
Neil comes through next quite angry, but says 'Morning' to the viewers! Neil tries to keep himself happy by building a pyramid out of playing cards, Kim can't make out why?, There's a knock on the door, 
it's Martin from next door, saying he's 'Sorry to hear them leaving' and ruins Neil's efforts in trying to make a pyramid!

Martin has some CD's of Neil's but Neil wants his back off Martin!! Tweep a new resident Puppet, gets up to his usual tricks, Neil and Tweep go over the good old times at No. 73!!
Thing's become uneasy when the gang have to pack everything up and move, Neil sends a letter off to Tommy Boyd, bu then realises that he has sent a letter off to him without a replying address!!
Kim's been to an interview that she phoned up about earlier, it's an old saloon bar, kind of a western wooden house. Martin has lots to comment on about that! Tweep starts to hide thing's when everyone is still packing away!
Neil gets Tweep on that sitting on the stairs. Martin helps Neil with the washing machine, the house is now empty and No. 73 is no more, a sad ending!!!