No. 37 Squadron (Thames) ATC

Parade night:
1830 hrs (6.30pm) – 2100 hrs (9pm)
Thames Airfield,
NgatiMaru Highway,Thames

Unit Commander:
Squadron Leader D. G. Horn
Phone 021 896749
Unit Adjutant
FLTLT K. Watkins

Unit Training Officer:
2LT G. Haddon


Welcome to No 37 Squadron (Thames) Air Training Corps. The Air Training Corps is a disciplined, voluntary, youth organisation offering a quality, nationally co-ordinated training program to young New Zealanders aged between 13 and 18 years old.
No 37 Squadron is located on the Thames Airfield, Ngati Maru Highway, Thames. It is one of five ATC Squadrons in the Waikato Region.

What Can I Do with the Air Training Corps?

As a cadet in the unit, you will complete a three-year training programme with the aim to promote you to a Junior Leader (Rank of Corporal). Throughout the training there will be camps and courses that train you to be able to instruct and lead others.

Subjects taught at unit level include the following:

  • Aviation Studies 
  • Foot and Rifle Drill 
  • Adventure Training 
  • General Service Knowledge
  • Cadet Force Knowledge
  • First Aid 
  • Leadership 
  • Navigation 
  • Instructional Technique 
  • Radio Communications

Training Activities

Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in regional and national camps and courses designed to further enhance cadet training already carried out at unit level. These activities include the following:

  • Junior NCO Course
  • Senior NCO Course
  • Under Officer Course
  • Area Gliding Camp
  • National Aviation Course
  • Airforce Experience Award
  • Junior Bushcraft Course

Many of the training activities are available at no cost to the cadet. The Support Committee helps to subsidise activities where there is a cost, to ensure that the activities are affordable for all of our cadets.

Activities done by No.37 (Thames) Sqn ATC are:


Throughout the year there are various tramps planned by the Squadron to introduce tramping techniques, equipment required and safety in the bush.


No. 37 Squadron makes use of the Thames Gliding Club and their gliders. ALL our cadets have the opportunity to go gliding at a reasonable cost well below commercial rates. This experience is hands-on with a qualified instructor.

Power Flying:

The Squadron aims to hold a Power Flying Camp in the third term of each year. This will be another hands on experience with a qualified instructor.

Target Shooting:

After the Cadets have completed their Firearm Safety lessons and test, they are able to participate in the Squadrons regular Target Shooting. The Squadron uses .22 rifles on a range with a qualified RSO (Range Safety Officer). The squadron will compete against other ATC units throughout the country and the Commonwealth.


Being able to participate in Parades every Wednesday night is part of being in the Air Training Corps. Not only does this improve self-discipline, but also creates pride in being part of the organisation. The squadron will play an active role in ANZAC Day Parades at Thames, Ngatea, and Coromandel RSAs (including Cenotaph Duty), and Battle of Britain ceremonies. The squadron parades with Norinko Drill rifles.

Inter-squadron and other activities:

The five Waikato ATC Squadrons compete in various sports days and competitions. These events are a great opportunity to meet other cadets while having fun. There are other activities that we are organising as team day activities: Rock climbing, Tenpin Bowling, and sailing with other units – like the Sea Cadet Corp.

Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award:

No. 37 Squadron offers the ability to work towards achieving the Award through lessons delivered on parade nights and weekend activities.  The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award is a wonderful accomplishment and it is looked upon highly by prospective employers.

O.K. so what does it cost?

The fees are to cover basic running of the unit and are kept to a minimum. The fees are set at $30 per term for 2015. Any difficulties in paying this fee may be discussed with the Cadet Unit Commander in strictest confidence. The first three parade nights are to see if ATC is for you. Then you are asked to sign a Declaration of Loyalty. Parents are required to sign the consent section to allow their child to take part in Squadron activities and to travel in Service aircraft and vehicles. To see if the Air Training Corps is for you come along to one of our parade nights.