Who We Are

This website is owned and administrated by an American
Evangelist-Missionary living in the Philippines for 25 years who is in partnership with many other Christian organizations, Churches, and individuals, locally and globally. 
The design, layout and style of the website does NOT represent any particular organization, denomination, or church but only of the owner.
The original intent of this website was to provide a connection point for those whom receive our literature (30,000-60,000 pieces a year) or see our T-Shirts in which the  no2sin.com logo appears. 
With a little computer saavy, I'm sure it won't take you long to identify who the owner might be.
HINT: This is a sign you will find on the front windshield of the owner's vehicle. In Filipino it says, LANGIT - Ibabaw and IMPIYERNO - Ilalim which means:
"If you want to ride (go) to HEAVEN you will have to take the upward-overpass route. If you want to ride (go) to HELL you will have to take the downward-under route."