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These T-Shirts are not for the light hearted. They are BOLD, CONFRONTATIONAL and LOUD! They are non-traditional. They have a culture of their own. They are specifically designed for street evangelism, street preaching, and/or wearing outside in busy, high traffic areas ie: the bus, the subway, the market, the mall, the beach, the corner, the intersection, wherever there are LOTS OF PEOPLE!  
We develop these shirts specifically for the person that wants to PREACH ALL THE TIME - EVEN WITH HIS SHIRT!  They are designed to communicate a message, command attention, and create a response.  They are seed planters, rubukers, reprovers, and preachers, in and of themselves. They are short and to the point since they only have split seconds to speak. 
We understand "these types" of T-Shirts are not for every believer in every circumstance but for some of us - we LOVE AND WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME.

Note: All shirts are silk-screened by hand one at a time the old-school way. No technology is used. The paint is glossy, rubberized, and med-thickness.

T-Shirts for Preachers

Please note that the majority of our T-Shirts are designed with our audience in mind which is THE PHILIPPINES. 90% of our audience is in the Philippines.
We believe that our shirt designs are BOTH BIBLICAL and EFFECTIVE. Read some of the articles below to grow in your understanding of our ministry methods. 
ALL Colored Shirts Cost Php200 (US$5.00)
Most White Shirts Cost Php150 except those with two-color print. Two- color print on white shirts are always Php200.
Contact T-Shirts for Preachers:
Philippine Cell Text: +63 919 450 6438 

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