Session Proposals

Session: NNN Website

Facilitators: Eric Gaze

Description: We desperately need to revamp our website. This session will discuss the pros and cons of the existing website and look into all aspects of creating a stand alone NNN website. Participants should be prepared to discuss content, layout, and cost of such a venture.

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Session: Humanities input on Quantitative Literacy & Reasoning 

Facilitators: Paul Grawe, Robin Grawe

Description: Humanities participation in quantitative literacy and reasoning is vital. But how to make participation attractive to people in the humanities? How to impress on people in the humanities that their disciplines have always relied on the power of numbers and that their careers and their disciplines can be greatly enhanced by continuing to use the power of numbers and to persuade their students to do so. Manual of Humanities QR concepts provided.

We have a manual of thirty or more specific quantitative concepts with creative applications across the humanities but particularly for composition and writing-intensive courses. Copies will be available. (Also available on CD ROM.) Our quantitative work includes a major Bush-grant financed institutional study of 300+ critical thinking measures, featured at NCA and two AAHE national conferences.

Co-facilitators sought.

Session: Defining QL/QR

Facilitators: Gizem Karaali

Description: This session will bring together participants interested in investigating the meanings of terms like "quantitative literacy", "quantitative reasoning" and "numeracy". Having good and perhaps even compact and easily digestible definitions of these terms might come in handy in public relations contexts as well as in other situations where we need to communicate our goals and practice to others (journalists, policy makers, funding agencies). Len Vacher's recent editorial in Numeracy will help launch the conversation: