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I am working in Samsung R&D Lab, USA.  Click here to see the latest press release of my work at CeBIT 2006, Hannover, Germany. My research focus is on design and development of algorithm and protocols for p2p networks over smartphones and middleware for social networking applications. I have got 4 patents approved from Samsung for filing it to USPTO and I already have 2 submitted to USPTO. Recent achievements at Samsung includes Best Team Achievements Award and Inventor of the Year Award for 2006-2007. In parallel to my reserach work, I am also involved in Samsung GWP initiative ("Pride" Team) and number of community development activities.

Before joining Samsung, I received MS in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I worked in Multimedia Networks Lab with Prof. Aura Ganz on multichannel wireless networks, adaptive security and RFID-based sensor networks. My work on RFID based Animated Space received 3-years grant from NSF. My master thesis was "Architecture and Algorithms for Future Wireless Communication and Information Space".

I did my undergraduate in  Department of Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.. My senior year project was "Packet Filtering for Wireless LAN at MAC layer" under Prof. Gautam Barua (Director, IIT Guwahati). During my undergraduate study, I also work with Prof. Pravin Bhagwat on "802.11-based Low Cost Networking for Rural Areas" at Media Lab Asia.

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