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The purpose of the NNMC is to encourage and maintain interest in the teaching of mathematics and to promote professional growth and collegiality among its members.

NNMC is a non-profit teacher organization serving members throughout the state of Nevada.

NNMC is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as well as the Nevada Math Council and the California Math Council

Cathy Seeley's Keynote Slides can be downloaded here. Hope you all enjoyed the conference - plan for us next year!

Congratulations to NNMC's 2014 Outstanding Mathematics Educator Awardees
Denise Allen, Hidden Valley Elementary
Judy Ashby - McQueen High School
Ann Marie Dickson - Silver Lake Elementary
Katie Penney - Van Gorder Elementary
Sara Timmons - Moss Elementary
Kelly Winter - Douglas High School

Check out the 2014-15 Calendar for other upcoming events.  

Nominate a colleague for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics. This year teachers in grades 7-12 may be nominated. Nominate your outstanding colleague at  For more information about the award, see

Information about California Math Council Conferences this fall can be found here.

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Conference Scholarships! Apply now for a scholarship to attend the NCTM Regional or the CMC North Conference in Asilomar. CMC sponsors the Logothetti Scholarship, including free registration and room and board on grounds, for one NNMC member yearly. Follow the Scholarships for Teachers link here or at the left. 

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Fall e4e classes are coming.
Congratulations to our 2014 Outstanding Mathematics Educators
  • Denise Allen, Hidden Valley Elementary
  • Judy Ashby, McQueen High School
  • Ann Marie Dickson, Silver Lake Elementary
  • Katie Penney, Van Gorder Elementary
  • Sara Timmons, Moss Elementary
  • Kelly Winter, Douglas High School
           Denise Allen                                   Judy Ashby                                            Ann Marie Dickson

                Katie Penney                                   Sara Timmons                                   Kelly Winter                              
                                                                  2014 Outstanding Mathematics Educators
                                     Kelly Winter, Denise Allen, Sara Timmons, Judy Ashby, Ann Marie Dickson, Katie Penney

Mailing address of NNMC is P.O. Box 50875, Reno, NV 89513
Direct membership questions to Jenny Salls, Clayton Middle School, 1295 Wyoming Avenue, Reno, NV 89503