Recent Events
2/16/15 Research@Tech Day

We not only directed and guided new potential students at NMT, but also talked to them about what makes electrical engineering a great choice for a major as well as the exciting things the club does.  Great work to everyone that manned the table and spoke at the department presentation!

2/11/15 General Meeting; Officer Elections
We would like to congratulate all of the elected officers for next year(results below).  The PNM tours are coming up very soon so please check your email for the departure times if you haven't already.  Other topics at the meeting included the LANL workshop and the upcoming volunteer activities.  If you are interested in helping out with the Engineering Week and Science Night outreaches, please let us know!

1/28/15 Resume Workshop
The week before Career fair we held the resume workshop. This year turnout was the best we've had for our resume events. We showed the difference between good and bad resumes and even had participants play the role of hiring managers.  Hopefully everyone left with an improved understanding of efficiently presenting his or her skills to hiring managers.

11/25/15 Final Meeting/Mentorship event
Thank you for coming to our mentorship program.  It was nice to have such a large turnout.  We hoped to have helped set you guys straight on which classes to register for and on planning your stay here at NMT.  See you guys again next semester.

11/11/15 Meeting Summary
Thank you everybody that made it out to our meeting.  Here are the outline of the topics as was on the board for review. T-shirt designs for voting will be available in the digital lab. As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact any of the officers.

Minty Boost Workshop
Thank you to Everyone that showed up for the analog portable phone charger workshop. We were able to use up all of our kits and a lot of people got exposure to switching power regulation, circuit building, and soldering.  Most people went home with a new phone charger, but more importantly, they left with new knowledge and experiences.

IEEE Extreme 8.0 Programming Competition
Thank you to all participants for the IEEE Extreme 8.0 Programming Competition. We had a good number of participants who all did a fine job, especially considering that it was 49ers.

Next Meeting:
February 25(?), 2015

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