NMSTE 11 Going Mobile

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                                April 29-30, 2011                                                                Keynote Speakers
                                Friday-Saturday                                                                Agenda    and Session Detail
                                Uptown Sheraton                                                             Register Online
                                Albuquerque, NM                                                              Sponsorship Package

Please JOIN US for the second annual conference. This conference is designed to bring educational leadership from across New Mexico for collaboration and advancement of technology in P20 education. By bringing together teachers, administrators and state government leaders, we believe that unique discussions will occur that will then lead to a more complete understanding of what it will take for true transformation in education, how technology can effectively transform teaching and learning, and will in turn lead to better informed public/private partnerships through the work and partnership of Innovate+Educate, a NMSTE partner and member. Conference strands include:
1. Engaging 21st Century Learners: Who are our students? What can educators do to motivate and engage this highly mobile, digitally connected generation of learners?

2. Blended and Online Teaching and Learning: Promising practices for Pk-20 online/blended instructional strategies for mobile learners. Best practices for K-12 and higher education instructors.

3. Educational Policy, Funding, and Assessment Issues: What changes need to be made to accommodate the Digital/Mobile Teaching and Learning Paradigm?

4. Removing Barriers in the Digital World: Challenges and successes in meeting the needs of all students (ELLs, SPED, low SES, etc.) in digital/mobile environments.

5. Digital Content and New Media Formats: Where does digital content come from and how is it created, accessed, shared, owned, managed, etc.? An exploration of new formats including iTunesU, mobile apps, gaming/simulation, video.

6. Emerging Solutions from the Marketplace: Come hear from our industry partners about technologies that support digital/mobile teaching and learning.

Marcy Oxford,
Apr 13, 2011, 3:31 PM