2017 Educator Awards - Recipients

Thank You for your support in recognizing Educational Technology leaders in our state! Please take a look at
our awardees for Outstanding Teacher, Making IT Happen and the Amy L. Phipps Professional Development Award.

Thank you again for helping us recognize your colleagues and educational leaders in New Mexico!!

Congratulations to uur 2017 Educational Technology Leaders!

Outstanding Teacher:
Dr. Randee Greenwald

Dr. Randee Greenwald has taught community health nursing at New Mexico State University since 2014 and is a College Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing.  As part of her nursing class every spring she has her students complete a community assessment project. Dr. Greenwald works closely with community advocacy groups. This past spring her nursing students collaborated with the City of Las Cruces Office of Sustainability and Senior Programs and created a story map examining extreme heat in our community.

Greenwald's group presents their data and information to stakeholders in the community to promote and inspire change.

Congratulations Randee!

Amy Phipps Excellence in Professional Development:
Janea Menicucci

Ms. Menucicci has been a master educator for 17 years. Ms. Menicucci is an incredible asset, support, and technological advocate for education. Her vast knowledge has included her extensive work in Universal Design for Learning and Apple Technology. Her favorite phrase is in regards to offering professional development to teachers is, “find two friends and I’ll be there.”.
Ms. Menicucci continually fights and advocates for meaningful technology, support for educators, and every student.

Congratulations Janea

Making IT Happen:
Rachel Thomas

Ms. Thomas is an outstanding teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students and the community. She has set up an environment in her classroom that allows for her to team teach with Steven Lamb. Everything Rachel does in her classroom encompasses the ISTE standards. She runs an amazing flipped classroom. No matter the skill level of her students, they all have access to the curriculum. She is truly inspiring and innovative.

Congratulations Rachel!

Making IT Happen:
Steven Lamb

Mr. Lamb is presently a general education, fourth-grade teacher within Albuquerque Public schools. As a 4th grade, general education teacher, he has made it his priority to not only support the learning and advancement of his students but to his fellow educator. He employs innovative methodologies in the classroom and understands that worthwhile change is a process and that not everyone is ready to make leaps into the unknown. He is astute in gauging where educational professionals are to encourage and support them where they need it the most.
Congratulations Steven!