New Mexico Solo and Small Firm
Practitioner's Handbook

The New Mexico Solo and Small Firm Practitioner's Handbook is an ongoing project of the Law Practice Management Committee of the State Bar of New Mexico. The Practioner's Handbook was initially created as a Word document and also converted to PDF format and posted on the State Bar's Website. Although it could be viewed or downloaded as a standalone document, this format is not easy to maintain especially if many people download the standalone file and don't check back for revisions. The result can be a number of different versions with different and possibly conflicting information distributed throughout the user community.

With the widespread availability of wiki platforms provided as Internet based services, the  Law Practice Management Committee decided to convert the Practitioner's Handbook from a single document file to a wiki platform using Google Sites.Providing the Practitioner's Handbook on a wiki platform has several advantages.
  1. There is just one copy of the document that is always accessible on the Internet and is always current.
  2. The document can be viewed by anyone with a standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  3. The document can incorporate hyperlinks that allow users to simply click a link to access other pages in the Practitioner's Handbook or any page available on the internet.
  4. Users can add comments to any page in the Practitioner's Handbook, can start a dialogue within the user community.
  5. The document can also be edited by users to add new information of value to the community or to correct information that is incorrect or has become outdated.
To get started, just click on the Practitioner's Handbook link to view the Table of Contents for the Practitioner's Handbook. You may read the Practitioner's Handbook like a book by just going through each section in the Table of Contents in order. You may also explore topics of interest to you by clicking on any link on any page. A top level navigation menu is available at the left side of each page. A menu of recent changes to the Practitioner's Handbook is also located on the left side of each page. We recommend that you start with the Preface for additional introductory information about the Practitioner's Handbook. Please also read the Disclaimer, which provides important information about the your use of this publication.

You may provide comments about any information on any page of the Practitioner's Handbook can be entered below under Comments.