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As we approach registration night tomorrow, there have been rumors and discussion amongst people throughout the town. For those of you have attended the board meetings I was waiting until this day to put out the facts.

Meeting Monday July 31st will be at 6pm, Townsend VFW.

This meeting will discuss registrations and teams.

As of 10pm this evening, with enrollment increasing as it has every year during the first week.  It looks like we will fill teams at the Unlimited and JPW levels without having to move kids around.  The MM, and PW levels are thin with registrations don't have full rosters to the minimum requirements.  However, there are some kids that are eligible to play at other levels based on age, skill and weight .  The purpose of the meeting tomorrow night is to provide all the information, discuss with parents .

Safety is the first priority.  We have the coaching, training and equipment that this league has had for years and has lead to many many championships over the years.  With varying numbers, we have researched the options for the kids so the parents have ALL correct information.

I will confirm, there was a discussion with NMAYF.   NO DECISION, nor any agreements were made.   Numbers and placements of kids were discussed and coaching positions and board positions, equipment usage etc.... All of the needed questions were asked to be able to provide the North Middlesex Cowboys membership all the information on Monday Night. 

I will also confirm discussion with Leominster Pop Warner, NO DECISION, nor any agreements were made.  Leominster is participating in CMASS D3 Unlimited program which is using a 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U format with unlimited weight.  Pop Warner with the same weight and levels as AYF. 

I will also confirm, I have a standing call scheduled with EMASS on Tuesdays afternoon to report the which teams we will have for planning the schedule.

I will also confirm, I have a meeting with CMASS on Wednesday if the Cowboys organization wants to play in CMASS under the D3 Unlimited U8, U10, U12 U14 rules or with EMASS UL and JPW D3 rules.

I will confirm my meting with North Middlesex School District about fields and facilities, we also have all of our insurance set.

So all means we have many options as a league as to what to do.

My job and the boards job is to present these.  I will say with the low registrations it has made our job a lot tougher..... This is why we registrations early.

Monday July 31st at the Townsend VFW to find out the details and cast your vote as to which direction you want the kids to play.

With all of this craziness, and rumors, I want to reassure everyone, myself and others on the board have been working to ensure we have all the options for the kids of the program. While we have had a bit more work to do this year to prepare for other options, we are still on track to have regular season start as normal.  We have Coaching staffs that are ready to go for the teams we field. As long as there are kids that want to be put on teams, and families that want Pop Warner, I will continue to work diligently to ensure that the children will have a place to play football and fun.  I have also done all the research for those families that may choose other options.  All of this information will be presented and discussed Monday night at the Townsend VFW at 6pm.

I will also confirm some unfortunate news that was brought to my attention tonight at 8pm.  Our VP was contacted by the football director at AYF, and CMASS AYF will not let North Middlesex host 2 teams at multiple levels.  I am sure this is mainly due to scheduling.  But they will allow only one team at each level.  This means if the AYF option is chosen for some once the team reaches maximum numbers, then other kids will be displaced and not allowed to play.  This statement is different then what was discussed earlier in the week.

I will also confirm that as of these rumors and other talk amongst people, we have officially been notified as of this moment that we have lost one of our longstanding and dedicated members to the AYF coaching staff. I wish him and the family happiness.

It is important that you attend meeting at 6pm at the VFW.  For those that confirm playing and roster on the  Cowboys teams, you will then be asked to make your way to the equipment trailer for issuance of your equipment.  Practice will continue as planned.

For those that are teams with low numbers, I will sit with those families and explain options of moving around on other Cowboy teams, or the other options you have and how we will proceed with your transition.

Again, I want to stop all the rumors, there were discussion, there are Cowboys teams forming, just as in previous years, there are options for a few of the families that do not fit into some areas.

Please come to the meeting and get your details.  I have printouts and sheets for each family. 

Look forward to seeing everyone Monday night at registration/ meeting night.

As board members we are here to ensure the kids have a place to play and have fun and are safe.  The North Middlesex Cowboys Organization is what each of us make it.  There is a reason that we have been with Pop Warner all these years.  While the same options have been out there for years, we each keep coming back to Pop Warner and the Cowboys organization. 

Rumors and gossip never serve well.  Meeting is Monday and the members of North Middlesex Cowboys will be the people deciding what they want their kids to do.

If you have any emergency items that you need from me before the Monday night meeting at the Townsend VFW at 6pm.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at

Good Night
6pm Townsend VFW

Bob Mitchell
North Middlesex Pop Warner

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