North Middlesex Cowboys Pop Warner Football & Cheer

Field Address: North Middlesex Regional High School, 19 Main Street Townsend MA 01469              

2015 NMPW Board Posistions:

I would like to thank Mark Sullivan, Sandy Oser and Chad Adams for stepping up and running for board positions. Your participation made us stronger as an organization.

Our 2015 Board of Directors is a work in progress but now includes the following members;
Football Director, Mark Kinney
Cheer Director, Jill Twigg
Equipment Manager, Bob Mitchell
Football Player Rep, Charlene Kinney
Secretary, Ralph LeBlanc
Treasurer, Jim Burson
Vice President, Coach Spike
President, Henry Lenart

Thank you to all who turned out to cast their votes.

Congratulations to our North Middlesex New England Region 2015 All-American Scholars

North Middlesex

Elizabeth Baldwin North Middlesex 8 C 2

Nicholas Fowler North Middlesex 7 F 2

Jack Galligan North Middlesex 6 F 2

Matthew Haskins North Middlesex 7 F 2

Jillian Hersey North Middlesex 8 C 2

Mia Phillips North Middlesex 7 C 2

Rose Urda North Middlesex 8 C 2

Lindsey Parise North Middlesex 6 C 2

Lily Williams North Middlesex 6 C 2

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