Why should I choose New Mexico Party and Pet Pics for my event?
New Mexico Party and Pet Pics is an honest, reliable and affordable way to own quality images to print as you please.   Besides, you can enjoy the event without worrying about taking pictures.  For pet owners, by bringing the studio to you, your animal is more at ease to pose for its portraits.
How do I get the pictures after my photo session?
Following your photo shoot, your New Mexico Party and Pet Pics photographer will edit the shots.  Within a week, the images will be sent to you either electronically or on CD.   You will then choose the pose for your included 8x10 or notecard pack and any other products you choose to order, and we'll send them out to you shortly.  Beyond that, you have permission to order your own quantity and size of any of the images from your favorite photo developer with your .

How do I schedule a photo shoot?
Contact Martha at 505-501-0031 or by e-mail at birdmommy@yahoo.com to discuss dates.  Once the date is confirmed, we'll e-mail you a simple information sheet to specify your desires.  Then just e-mail that back to us, and we'll be set to shoot.
Why do I have to fill out an information sheet ?
Since every job is unique and personalized, we need to know more about the location, type of event, subjects to be photographed and contact information so that we can fully prepare to do the photo session.
What other kinds of events does New Mexico Pet Pics cover?
The sky's practically the limit.  For instance...a photographer will meet you at meetings, dog parks, or your ranch to photograph you riding your horses.  We'll photograph swim meets, concerts or plays where we focus on your special participant while you just enjoy watching.  We cover anniversary parties, baby and wedding showers, themed parties, children's parties etc., and can set up a photo studio at company picnics.  If desired, we can even arrange to go on vacation with you so you don't have to worry about taking a camera along or missing those great action shots of your family/group.  The possibilities are endless.  
When you say a minimum of pictures will be sent, why not more?
More than likely you will receive more images, but we do guarantee you will get at least 8 quality images per hour of shooting time.