I am senior assistant professor (RtD-b) at the Department of Economics
of the University of Bologna (Italy).
I worked as assistant professor at Lund University (Sweden) and post-doc at the Max Planck Institute for Economics in Jena (Germany).

Research Interest(s)
Behavioral and Experimental Economics

My research focuses mainly on the development and heterogeneity of
other regarding preferences and their interaction with economic incentives.

At the moment, I am focusing on the long run effects of affirmative actions on women participation in the labor market and, in particular, on their probability of getting into top positions. At the same time I am working on the relevance of implicit gender stereotypes in children, adolescents and their parents in order to understand how they impact on other relevant dimensions, as other regarding preferences, aspirations and career choices.

In recent years, I have been mostly focusing on two lines of research. The first one studies how self-control ability, other regarding preferences, unethical behaviour and trust evolve with age.
The second one aims at
understanding how structural features of mechanisms in organizations (e.g. incentive structures, enforcement mechanisms, sanctions, length and repetition of interactions, etc.) interact with the heterogeneity of individuals’ other regarding preferences.

News and upcoming events
I have been awarded the Modigliani Research Grant, UniCredit & Universities Foundation for the project "The power of Identity in Multicultural Societies" [Link]

Natalia Montinari

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