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Koen Vanmechelen Cosmopolitan Chicken ArtScience Breeding the cosmopolitan chicken 
Stephen Wilson Protozoa Games ArtScience, Social Play games with live protozoae 
Andy Gracie Small Work for Robot and Insects ArtScience, Social Symbiotic installation wherein a robot learns to respond and interact with a cricket colony. For a video see 
Ursula Damm Double Helix Swing ArtScience Induces midges in a lake to swarm through underwater loudspeakers and feed backs images to observer. 
Beatriz da Costa, Cina Hazegh and Kevin Ponto PigeonBlog ArtScience Homing Pigeons are equipped with backpacks to gather data on air pollution and blog this. levels 
Wim Delvoye Cloaca ArtScience Room size tobot installation that ingests food and outputs feces. 
Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha Artifacial Interfaces Choreographing facial expressions. See also the paper 'Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art' (resources) 
Tobias Zucali and Christopher Rhomberg Project Maschine Mensch: Conveyor Belt Experiment Interfaces People are turned into machines: muscle stimulators are used to knock off objects from an assembly line. 
Garnet Hertz Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot ArtScience, Interfaces Cockroach operates a robot using a trackball 
Ken Rinaldo Augmented Fish Reality ArtScience, Interfaces, Social Fish operate robot aquaria in which they are housed, allowing them to interact with each other. 
Christian Nold Biomapping Space Mapping emotional response (as measured by Galvanic Skin Response of participants) to a map of Greenwhich. 
Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa Gravilcells, Gravity and Resistance Project Space, Interface Response environment, displays among others the gravitational forces between people. 
Sachida Kodama and Minako Takeno Protrude, Flow  Form 3D shapes using magnetized fluids 
Nicholas Stedman The Blanket Project Interface A robotic blanket interacts with people 
Raffaello d'Andrea Robotic Chair & The Table Interface, Social Robot Chair reassembles itself after falling apart / table interacts with human in room 
Marie Sester ACCESS Space Audience can track people in public spaces using spotlights and directed sounds 
Amy Alexander, Wojciech Kosma, Vincent Rabaud SVEN: Surveillance Video Entertainment Network  Narrative, Space Automically generates music videos from surveillance videos 
Camille Utterback Untitled 5 Space, Interface Abstract painting reacts to physical movement of observer 
James Coupe (Re)Collector Narrative, Space (Re)Collector uses surveillance technology to automatically generate stories following a given narrative 
Stelarc Spider Exoskeleton (and many more) Interface Spider-based exoskeleton turns artist into cyborg 
Michelle Teran Friluftskino Space Surveillance interceptions are screened on city walls 
Nam June Paik TV Buddha Interface Buddha looks at the recording of himself in a meditative setting. Nam June Paik is considered to be one of the first video artists. 
Gabriel Barcia Colombo Animalia Chordata  Holograms of people trapped inside glass jars react defensively to people coming to near 
Ken Goldberg Telegarden Teleepistemology A garden is controlled by internet users who operate a robot. Or is it all fake? 
Showing 24 items