Network Officers

President: Evelyn Sanchez

Evelyn R. Sanchez is an Early Adolescence/Generalist National Board Certified Teacher, 1995. Ms. Sanchez taught at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She has been an elementary school teacher since 1980. As one of the founding teachers, she is on the Board of Directors to the Center for Hands on Learning. Ms Sanchez has supported teachers in her district and state through the National Board process. She has co-authored an article for the accomplished Teacher Magazine and completed a book with another National Board Certified Teacher, based on their experience to help districts, universities, and other NBCTs develop their own support system for teacher candidates going through the National Board process. Through her state work, she was nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Ms Sanchez was elected as President and involved in establishing the New Mexico National Board Teacher Network a non-profit organization for National Board Certified Teachers and others committed to teachers who are working to strengthen the teaching profession and student learning in New Mexico. 

You may reach Mrs. Sanchez at

I Vice President: Michelle Tregembo-Allen - Candidate Support Program

Michelle Tregembo-Allen certified as an Exceptional Needs Specialist in 2001.  Michelle currently teaches 7th grade Life Science and is the 7th grade Academy Director at John Adams Middle School in APS.  She has been the 1st Vice-President since the Network began in 2003.  She is a Candidate Support Provider, writes the State Farm grant each year, and plans the Candidate Support Provider trainings.  On a personal note she is married with two children, Calvin and Kyra.  Calvin will begin high school and Kyra will begin middle school this year. 

You may reach Ms. Allen at

II Vice President: Pat Graff - Professional Development Program

Pat Graff, NBCT, taught for 34 years in the Albuquerque Public Schools before she retired from full-time teaching in 2011. Currently she is the testing coordinator for La Cueva High School and works with professional development programs for the Albuquerque Teachers Federation. As a classroom teacher, she has received numerous awards including the National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year (1995); the New Mexico Teacher of the Year (1993); Disney's National English Teacher Award (1998); the Milken Educator Award (1994); and the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council of Teachers of English (2001). Graff is currently the only New Mexico teacher inducted into the National Teacher Hall of Fame (2006). She certified in AYA English Language Arts in 2001 and renewed in 2010. She works with NBPTS candidates throughout the state and builds candidate support programs through her role as 2nd vice-president of the NM NBCT Network. She is married to Mark Rumsey, has two adult sons, and seven grandchildren.

You may reach Mrs. Graff at

III Vice President: Peggy Jackson

Peggy an A/YA Social Studies NBCT since 2003 teaches AP U.S. Government and Economics, We The People, and U.S. History/Law at Moriarty High School.
Selected as the New Mexico Teacher of the Year 2010, she also has been the NM Social Studies Educator for 2005 as a member of the New Mexico Council for the Social Studies where she serves a Board member. She was elected to the NCSS board as well having served as the Chair of the House of Delegates in 2007. This is her 32nd year to teach, with 21 of those years being in NM. During this time she also served as a curriculum developer for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor for the Our Courts project. She has been Conference Chair for the past 6 years of the NM NBCT Network and is now 3rd Vice-President. Peggy is not only a teacher but also a wife, mother, and grandmother. In her leisure time she loves to travel with her husband, read, cook, and visit her grandkids.

Treasurer: Ritamarie Theiler
Ritamarie Theiler has been an NBCT in Exceptional Needs since 2011.  She has been teaching since 2003 and enjoys working with students with Autism. She recently incorporated a classroom service dog into her practice and has found the students have responded very positively.  She says, “All the students love her.  I had a student who wouldn’t read to me but would happily read to Capetta.”  She says that without having gone through the national board process she never would have considered a classroom service dog.  She is the teacher's committee chair for Holman’s Foundation for Autism and has been involved with the group since 2012. She works with candidates in the Albuquerque area and is the newly selected co-coordinator for the APS/ATF national board candidate support program.  She is a native New Mexican and lives in Albuquerque with her husband, 3 dogs and 1 cat.

You may reach Mrs. Theiler at

Secretary: Kevin Balder

Kevin Balder is an NBCT in Adolescent/Young Adult English Language Arts, achieving certification in 2006 and renewing in 2015.  He began his teaching career in 1992, and has taught at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque since 1998, where he serves as co-chair of the English Department, a position he has had since 2011.  Kevin is also a member of the Secretary of Education’s Teacher Advisory, one of 17 teachers statewide to serve in that role, and the only NBCT in the group.  Kevin served on the board as a regional member before becoming Network Secretary in 2011.  He is married to his wife Kristi, and he has two children, Michael Rosenberg and Allison Balder, a daughter-in-law, Nicole, and one grandchild, Marie.

You may reach Mr. Balder at

VP Teacher Continuum: Bianca Belmonte Sapien