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New Mexico currently has 970 NBCTs

Who We Are

"What is the Financial Benefits of being a NBCT"

New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network:

The New Mexico National Board Certified Teacher Network began in 2001 by a group of National Board Certified Teachers and other educational leaders.  They envisioned working together to provide every teacher in New Mexico the best professional development through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

What does the Network Do?

  • Advance the work of National Boards in New Mexico
  • Provide National Board Information Sessions to recruit teachers
  • Train NM NBCTs and other educators to be Candidate Support Providers
  • Support teacher candidates through the entire process of certification by providing a trained Candidate Support Provider in a small group setting on a regular basis
  • Offer additional support to candidates by providing:
      • Component 2-4 session to begin the process
      • Working weekend retreats with mini workshops and individualized consults
      • Component 1 preparation
      • Yearly Conference to network with teacher candidates and National Board Certified Teachers
  • Organize and implement a yearly conference around National Boards
  • Organize a yearly Celebration for New Mexico's newly National Board Certified Teachers

Our Network is now an
Affiliated Network of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


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