Natural Resource Management Faculty

PhD Oregon State University 1988
Research Interests: Vegetation management, Plant succession, Historical ecology, Juniper and 
Pinyon Ecology and management, Fate of pollutants in forest ecosystems

PhD Stephen F. Austin State University 1989 
Research Interest: Forest Management, Forest Game Management 

PhD Bryn Mawr College 1997 
Research Interests: Igneous petrology, environmental mineralogy, tectonomagmatic history of ancient and active 
mountain belts, magma mixing/mingling influences on magma chamber dynamics, and geoscience education. 

Edward A. Martinez 
PhD Washington State University 2000 
Research Interests: Water quality, aquatic toxicology, nutrient spiraling, aquatic heavy metal contamination 

Craig Conley 
PhD University of California Davis 2000 
Research interests: Ecological restoration, agroecology, land health assessment, integration of ecological, 
economic and cultural factors in resource decision making 

PhD University of New Mexico 2005 
Research Interests: Magnetic rock fabric analysis, paleomagnetism, shallow level 
magma emplacement processes, volcanology, and structural geology