Nathan M Fong

Associate Professor of Marketing

Rutgers School of Business - Camden

Ph.D. MIT Sloan School of Management

B.S. Stanford University

Curriculum Vitae

Published Research

The Robustness of Anchoring Effects on Market Good Valuations, with SangSuk Yoon and Angelika Dimoka, Judgment and Decision Making, 14 (4), 2019

Uninformative Anchors Have Persistent Effects on Valuation Judgments, with SangSuk Yoon, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29 (3), 2019

Targeted Promotions and Cross-Category Spillover Effects, with Yuchi Zhang, Xueming Luo and Xiaoyi Wang, Journal of Marketing Research 56 (2), 2019

Many analysts, one dataset: Making transparent how variations in analytical choices affect results, large-scale collaboration, corresponding authors Raphael Silberzahn, Eric Uhlmann, Daniel Martin, and Brian Nosek, Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1 (3), 2018

Competitive Price Targeting with Smartphone Coupons, with Jean-Pierre Dubé, Zheng Fang, and Xueming Luo, Marketing Science, 36 (6), 2017

Consumer Connectivity in a Complex, Technology-Enabled, and Mobile-Oriented World with Smart Products, with Peter C Verhoef, Andrew T Stephen, PK Kannan, Xueming Luo, Vibhanshu Abhishek, Michelle Andrews, Yakov Bart, Hannes Datta, Donna L Hoffman, Mandy Mantian Hu, Tom Novak, William Rand, Yuchi Zhang, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 40, 2017

How Targeting Affects Customer Search: A Field Experiment, Management Science, 63 (7), 2017

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How Sales Taxes Affect Customer and Firm Behavior: The Role of Search on the Internet, with Eric Anderson, Duncan Simester, and Catherine Tucker, Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (2), 2010

Working Papers

Numeric Competencies and Anchoring Biases, with Sangsuk Yoon.

Private Label vs. National Brand Price Sensitivity: Evaluating Non-experimental Identification Strategies with Experimental Data, with Eric Anderson and Duncan Simester