How to begin

Summer Camps are a great way for youth fencers to try fencing!

Youth class begin Monday August 28th 4.15
  • New youth beginning fencers may start with the group class Monday 4:15pm with no previous experience.
To register please email All paperwork will be completed at the club.
If you would like to take a private session ($40 60-min) early then please email or text Jamey 505-699-2034.
After two sessions the price for non-members is $70 per lesson.

Adult and teens are required to take two 60-minute private lessons in order to join the Level I classes.  This will give you a comfortable environment to learn about the basic footwork, bladework, equipment and rules of fencing. These lessons are $40 each (half price) and will make you confident joining your appropriate age group.  After two sessions the price for non-members is $70 per lesson.  After two lessons we find that the students are prepared for a fun experience with other fencers.

Next beginner group session is in the fall on Saturday June 2nd. Classes $100 per month. Includes membership, clothing, and instruction.

Please bring clean athletic shoes, Water Bottle, T-shirt and sweat pants. We will provide all other needed equipment.