How to begin

The new season begins Saturday, August 19th, 2017!
  • New youth beginning fencers may start with the group class Wednesday 4:15pm on September 6th without any previous instruction.
  • New Adult/teen beginning fencers may start Thursday 6pm September 7th.
To register please email All paperwork will be completed at the club.
If you took a camp this summer then you should be in the Wednesday class, but have the option of adding a Level II class. If you would like to take a private session early then please email or text Jamey 505-699-2034.

Adult and teens are required to take
two 60-minute private lessons in order to join the Level I classes. You may start at any time of the year. This will give you a comfortable environment to learn about the basic footwork, bladework, equipment and rules of fencing. These lessons are $40 each (half price) and will make you confident joining your appropriate age group.

Lesson times are scheduled when there are no classes or other distractions in the room. After two lessons we find that the students are prepared for a fun experience with other fencers. You are welcome to take more at this discounted price if you want more practice time.

Please bring clean athletic shoes, Water Bottle, T-shirt and sweat pants. We will provide all other needed equipment.