Adult/Teen Membership: Monthly payments of $100 must be continuous for the year OR paid in full ($1,200). We do not pro-rate due to vacations, or absences. Your dues include use of the floor and scoring machines and club clothing. It does not include Electric Foil, Epees, or Bodycords. Instruction is offered in group settings to encourage better fencing, but is not part of the cost.

*Check Website for current class and bouting schedule.

Youth Class Instruction (not in addition to the above fee)

One Class Per Week: $88 Monthly - 4 - classes per month.

Multiple Classes per month $120 Monthly - 5+ classes per month

Private Lessons - $100 = Four 20-minute lessons

or $70 per 1-hour

Monthly equipment rental:

Electric equipment (for competition training): Electric gear includes mask cord, lame, body cord, foil - $20 monthly.

*Family Rate: 20% off family members