Classes/Open Bouting

Fall 2018 - Classes Begin September 4th (Beginning Monday Class September 10)
Calendar year and closures for youth fencers is the Santa Fe Public Schools schedule.

Youth ages 8-11 (Competitive classes require electric equipment.)

*Beginner Level 1 Monday Classes Include use of all required equipment

Monday 4:30-5.30   Beginning Youth / Junior
Tuesday 4:30-5.45  Youth Competitive Level 2
4:30-5.45  Youth Competitive Level 2
Saturday 9:30am-10:30
Youth Novice (limited electric) Jack Stafurik

Tuesday 6-7 - Junior Competitive Epee - James Odom

Dom Peterson certified by the USFA Coaches College

Thursday 6-7pm Adult Class (Novice fencers welcome.)


Tuesday 5.30-7:30pm

Thursday 6.30-8pm

Friday 1-2pm (Check for exact times.)

Saturday 10-11:30pm



Q: What Do I need First??

A: Primary purchase will need to be Knickers, Epee and Bodycord. These are paramount as NMFF cannot supply them. Secondly we have very few Chest Plates, Underarm Protectors.

We have lots of jackets, gloves, and masks which you can wait for last.

Q: Can we buy used equipment?

A: Yes and no. We are willing to sell our masks and jackets, but most of our other equipment is too large or used up (gloves and chest plates). There are no epees or bodycords for sale.

Q: Is there a store near by? Do you sell the equipment?

A: No. No. The closest fencing store is Escondido CA. This happens to be our favorite store and is called The Fencing Post.

Q: How can I possibly get the right size?

A: We have used samples of the same name brand of TFP. Best bet is to order too large as returns are your expense.


  • Children's Pants - Linea Stretch Poly SKU: UCPS21 $44

  • Chest Plate - SKU: UPCP20 $33 - Must use until they are 10 years old in addition to an Underarm Protector.

  • Children's Jacket - Linea Stretch Poly SKU: UCPS20 $56

  • Glove SKU: G3PS1 $15

Epee Mask – SKU MELN20 $48

Complete Epee: ESM27Cf $84.80 (Base)

* Hand: Left or Right

* Blade Size: #2 for Y10 and under. #5 all ages older

* Point: Allstar/Uhlmann (first one on the list of options)

Bottom of Form

* Grip: French Rubber over Plastic

***Grip: (Advanced) Uhlmann Visconte Medium (add $5.20)

* Guard Pad: Felt

* Socket: Standard

  • Epee Favero BodyCord – SKU: BCFA3 $26

Laura Ward,
Aug 16, 2017, 4:43 PM