1998 - 2008 SMOBY MAJORETTE GROUP – Lavans Les Saint Claude (39)

Toy Industry. 480 M€, 2.000 people.

Vice-President – International Sales & Marketing Operations, Member of Board of Directors 

Managing the international pole (around 100 countries in the 5 continents): 200 people, budget: 100 Millions €, 15 subsidiaries and 50 distributors. Reporting to the CEO & to the Board of Trustees.

§ Establishment and management of a new team fully linked to the international: 5 managers of international zones, 5 commercial assistants, 2 trade marketers, 4 administrators of sales & 2 Management controllers.

§ International development of the group through the establishment of a new business and marketing strategy (multiplication of languages on the boxes of games in particular).

§ Adaptation of the products to the cultural environment, to trends and popular brands in the major markets (Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East & Asia/Pacific area)

§ Identifying opportunities to improve the commercial part among the distributors and the major retailers : improving performance (+30%) against competition.

§ Implementing a business process specialized by category (age in particular), organization followed later by the group at the level of France.

§ Strengthening relations with the subsidiaries (Argentina, China, Russia in particular) and distributors through the introduction of monthly balances have contributed to the improved results.
§ Review :

- Organic sales growth of 80% in a highly competitive industry (compared with 30% previously) ;
- Successful integration of all the external acquisitions (Majorette, Unice, Berchet);
- Reaching of all the financial goals, & improvement of the profit: 8%.