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(Update) A New Site Springs From the Ashes!

Previous News:

I'm sorry to post that met a catastrophic end when an unpatched security hole allowed over 900 files to be corrupted.  The site ended up being coopted into a botnet that was launching attacks against innocent people.

To reconstruct the site and restore it would be a week or more of work that is time I don't have.  So I made the hard decision to shut it down.  I know we had a dedicate core group of people that I have let down but it was the only option available to me for now.

I have the original assets and a cleansed database copy that would allow the site to be stood back up if someone was interested in taking on the project.  It is just something I cannot devote time to anymore.  If you are interested please contact me as specified below.

As a point of refuge I quickly set up a Facebook group at:

I realize many people don't like Facebook.  If you have other ideas or suggestions of places we could resume the community please contact me at:

Thanks for all the years of support and hopefully I will see you "out there" sometime.