Congressional District 2 Democratic Voices
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Bernalillo, Catron, Chaves, Cibola, Debaca,
Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Guadalupe, Hidalgo

We believe:
1.  Health care is a right, not a privilege.
2.  Quality free public education - early childhood 
    through college - is a right for everyone.    
3.  Equal pay for equal work.
4.  A living wage for all full-time workers.
5.  Protect environment and reduce climate change.
6.  Protect public lands
7.  Campaign finance reform - reverse Citizens United 
        - Corporations are not people.    
8.  Open fair immigration policy, protect the Dreamers.
9.  Equal rights, justice, respect and dignity for all people.

National Commentary

Trump have his base foaming at the month by November.  
Are You Ready?

Mitch McConnel Blocks Election Safeguards

Call Mitch Mc Connell and tell him to pass legislation to protect American Democracy from Foreign attacks. 
Our right to a voting choice is being threatened.

Annie Grauer

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