A snowman  or  Yeti  is in  the forests  of Volga  zone,  visits  us  in  a summer  season

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                                                                                                                                                                                    ENGLISH RUSSIAN

                             UNIQUE PERSON  OF YETI

                  A snowman  or  Yeti  is in  the forests  of Volga  zone

                  Yeti,  a nocturnalism  conducts   

                  Yeti,  drinks  water  from  the river  and  travels  in  time

                  Yeti,  visits  us  in  a summer  season


          At that time, about a snowman or  Yeti,  I knew very much

        little. Read in a newspaper that somewhere highly in Himalayas,

        saw on to snow, large tracks  leave "Yeti". Yes, can

        to be, on television rotined mold of track of "snowman",

        it is unimportant. That I is important, seeing in the lunar light large, 

        stooped figure of man which did unknown what, at night, in

        deaf forest, simply strongly frightened. Possibly this  creature

        the divine  went  out on a glade  at the river

        burning from a desire to get drunk. But,

        seeing me, hidden for the growing in the middle of glade bush  of willow.

        I, meantime, put in a whirlpool a few zherliz and went in

        "camp". I went by a bush and heard steps behind: clop, clop, clop.

        Looked around and  saw how the stooped moves  towards the river

        figure of large man. In the lunar light from seen breathed

        by horror. And, I, moved to the camp so quickly, on how many

        a forest path  allowed  to do it.

          A few years back, read in a newspaper, about that, how local hunters

        (  an action took place in a district, not far from a city Engels)

         caught a copsy hairs man. Locked him in a shed  on

        night, and a man eloped the next morning. At night

        snow fallen out and on to snow expressly

        tracks of this man were printed. Hunters went on track,

        but track in the field was torn off. That want that and think: - can be him

        the dish of UFO took away,   possibly he went away in other measuring. I

        fully believed in this report because had pick-a-back

        a few supervisions of touching "Yeti".

          I so did not succeed once again to see the figure of "Yeti", or so

        urgent "snowman"  which,  to on - to my, quite not

        snow - he visits our places only in a summer period of season.

        And, behaves like a hooligan even. A few summer seasons in succession 

        "Yeti" interfered with me to fish in the place chosen by me. He went 

       out  always at night and from one side. Went out on the glade,

        near the river. We were divided by the narrow

        strip of the forest. Feeling my presence,

        "Yeti" began to throw sticks in my side, trying to throw over

        them through trees. An eigentone, published, was sometimes audible

        by a flying stick, to the ax quickly revolved around. But, always,

        a stick touched for the apex of tree and fallen downward. Only once,

        sticks began to fly over the forest. The first fallen down a side,

        in a grass, second in water close from me. It was enough in order that

        I  winded fishing-rods.

          Next  and last time (I consciously left  off to fish

        in this place, not to disturb the presence of this forest

        habitant), we  arrived  here, two together,  with  Agathon.

          Night reeved without adventures. With  расветом,  as soon as became 

        more or less evidently, I went out on his glade. A grass silvered on 

        a glade from abundantly falling out dew. Dark track

        did for a picture from  hammered together

        dews,  crossing a glade towards the river. What - that

        a beast came to get drunk, I thought, or taken  across on  other

        saved. In any event, on a glade and at the river,  nobody was, and

        I,  quietly, began to wind up жерлицы. And, as strongly, I was surprised,

        when saw two clear imprints of hands from the hands of man.  Yes

        yet very large hands.

          I, began to yell  Agathon  and, when he came, we had walked up 

        together  to the imprints.

          First, that dashed in eyes it is pollexs - they were

        from exteriority of imprints.

          Saved in this place gently sloping and copsy a grass. Imprints

        saved due to that a water level fallen down and took off all clothes

        narrow,  sandy, strip of river-bed of the river.

          At first we with  Agathon  came to the conclusion, that a man drank 

        water, leaning against one hand. Had a drink, changed

        a hand and had a drink once again. But,

        since I did, aside, the imprints and made attempt

        to get drunk from such position, and for me nothing turned out are we

        did not know that to think. I consider and now, that pollex for him

        grew with reverse, in relation to our, sides of hands.

          Getting drunk through a hand is impossible. In order that such turned 

        out imprints we would have to be displaced aside. "Yeti" of it

        did not do, what the not hammered together

        dew specified on. He got drunk upright

        on one place, whereupon turned and went away on the track

        back in the forest.

          My palm of middle width, him -  on a half more my.

        We found out it, comparing the stick of him and my imprints. After

        we began it pursuit. But, soon, gave up it

        undertaking, understanding that scarcely we will manage with him.

          In future I sought out itself new, perspective for catching

        finfishess, place. And there I was waited by new supervisions, only UFO.


       In  forest   often  hear  suspicious  rustles  and  sounds,  sometimes  a mysterious  figure  will flash  and,  soon,  turns  out that  it  is a mushroomer  or  hunter.  But,    not rarely,  such  appearances  disappear  in  a midwood    and  remain  secret.  Here  and  on  this  picture:  someone  in  the  forest is ...  


   (Choice  on  the  topic)

                    UNIQUE PERSON  OF YETI

            Yeti,  at nights,  carries  out  trips  at  time

            Yeti,  drank  water  from  the  river  and  left  the  imprints  of  hands  -

     from  both  hands

           Yeti,  visits  us  only  in  a summer  season   and  not  give  us  fishing  on

     the river


    Disappearance  is  Stress  -  Claustrophobia

               As,  I,  tested  strong  stress  from  imminent

        transparent  galantine

            Unknown, -  transformations  and  disappearance  a  aliens

            The  anomalous  phenomena,  a  man  and   the  claustrophobia

            Yeti,  knows  how  travel  in  the parallel  world  and  travel

       at  time

            Probably,  our  world,  was  mislaid  somewhere  in  time...



               Trips  of aliens  are in  Anomalous and  

           Geopatogene  areas.  Case  on  hunt

            Aliens  are attracted  here ability  of  Anomalous

        zone  to  make  wonder

            What  the Geopatogennaya  area  differs  from  the Anomalous  zone

            Case  on  hunt,  -  the Anomalous  displays  carried  us

        on  the area  of remote  locality

            Loving  to  do  departure  on  nature:  the  mushroomers, 

       the  fishermen  and  hunters.  It  must  be  known



                      Engineering  project  of  god

         ( Answer  on  the  prediction  of  American  Indians  «Mayya»  on  2012 )

                  Unique  the universe  of  universe  the  «Milky  way»  or

          as  God  decided  the  problem  of apocalypse  of  2012

                  The engineering  project  of  God  worked  out  the  problems 

          of  global  catastrophes

                  For  what God  created  the copies  of  the  worlds  in  a  galaxy  and

          parallel  worlds  on  Earth

                  The grandiose  project  of  god  -  new  device  is  realized

           to  the  universe

                   Now,  collective  reason,    not  able  to  destroy  reality

           our  world


              A  God  particle  is  a  matter  and  magic

             Incredibly!  Creation  of  car  of  werewolf  (transformation)

      question  of  time

             Know  what  grandiose  possibilities  for  an  inhabitant

      appeared  with  opening  Higgs  boson  (god  particle)

           Finally  that  magic,  legally,  began  to  occupy

      our  minds

                            UFO  motor

                       (Perpetual  motion)

                  An engine  is presented  as  a game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of UFO is adopted ".  In the total,

                 you  will collect  the construction maximally  simplified  working

                with  potential  of enormous  power,  that  will allow  to provide,

                not only  itself,  consumable  electric power!

                      This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                for  UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"

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