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   Our nature, are series:  Anomalous   shows  of  the future  and  our 

relation  to  them                                                                     - NMatveich




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           Windows  in  the future

    When  a man understands that  sawanomalous  shows  of nature,  he    renounces  to believe  in    that  saw

    Nature    can  not surprise  a man,renouncing  to trust  eyes  by it


    Hardness  to surprise  a modern  man what  that  new

and  unknown  on  determination.  But,  here  paradox,  he  will be

infinitely  surprised    that  it is known  all  and,  that  at  all

on hearing.  It is  probably  afraid to fall  out of  certain  group

социума,  in  which  he  is revolved  and,  where  on  hearing concrete

themes.  Therefore,  to write  about  ungot  to know for  uninitiated,

business    not thankful.  For  the people  of  not departure  there are such  knowledges

superfluous,  and, here,  for  the people  of contacting  with  nature,  I

I will describe  the pair  of cases  of anomalous  show.  In  what  cases  it

can  be useful  you  can  know  on  other  my  pages.

    There was  time  when  in  our  edges  engaged  in irrigation

fields.  The resources  of land-reclamation  were consumed  by much  electric power

and,  for  providing  of which,  among  the fields,  near  a road,  was 

a separate  transformer is put .  But,  a few  years reeved ,

this  business  was bespattered,  and  a transformer  was taken off.  And,  long time,

leave  concrete  columns specified  into  emptying  place ,

which  he  stood on .


    When  I  returned  from  fishing,  it was  near  midday.  At once

since  passed  columns,  I  saw  a man.  Man

went,  weed,  to  the columns.  In  a mirror  saw  the reflection  of large

machine  which  stood  near  them.  I  braked,  turned around

and  saw  electricians  which  connected  wires there :  from

disconnector  to  the transformer.

    Cold  small ants ran  back on  my  body ,  because,  I,

just,  passed  this  place  and  nobody    was there .  In 

next  moment,  I  gave  on  gases  and  abandoned  this  place  as

it is possible  quick.  I  feared  to be  captured  this  Anomalous

by a show.

    My  conjecture  was confirmed  the next day.  Nobody, 

set no  transformer   .  Him,  will set  there,

only  within in year,  for  maintenance  of  farm.

    Case,  in    itself,  interesting.  But,  I  told nobody   

about  him.  It  is an example  of the direct  affecting    my  decision,

nobody  tell    about  it,  by  reason  of,  so-called  public

opinions.  Such  decision  is  soundly,  because,  people,  when

see  windows  future which are shown  by nature  – renounce 

in trust,  even,   his   the eyes.



    In support  higher  said  I  will tell  about  a case, 

happening  in 2010 ,  where  I  looked  after anomalous  displays

with  the group  of young  boys.  There was  I  with  them  on  a lake  which 

they  checked  in the presence of  leeches.  It turned out from  a talk ,  that

tomorrow,  in the evening,  they  plan to depart  in  a place  which  I  a long ago not

visited.  Our  interests  coincided  and  we  agreed  to depart  there

together.  Therefore,  I,  left  boys    the home  address.

    The next day,  it  was  first  June,  we  rode  from  a village

«Wide – Karamysh»  toward  a state  forest  fund.

Through  ten  kilometres,  in  the township  of «Kalashnoe»,  we  visited

a few  lakes.  Boys,  them  it was  three,  checked  lakes  for  a presence

leeches.  Populyatsiya  of leeches  in  these  lakes  was    not large,  therefore,

we,  decided  to pass  farther,  to  the wolfish  glade.

    A way  lay  on  the elevated  sandy  plateau.  A road  went

by the edge  of mountain  and  гай was down  looked  over.  Further,  before  a turn

mountains,  a road  crutches twice .  The first  branch  of road  goes down

there are the «Large crutches» to  the lake ,  that  down  on  the turn  of mountain.  A bit 

farther,  the second  branch  of road  goes  down to  the wolfish  glade,  to it  we  and

availed.  But,  before  it,  on  a top,  we  were stopped

to consider  the lake fully  opened  for  a review  

«Large  crutches».  All  memorized  an important  moment,  his  banks  not

covered  high  trees from  a review .  They,  simply,    were not.

    Later,  we  drove  up to  this  lake  from the side of  wolfish 

glades.  But,  large  trees  and  boys grew  on  his  banks 

asked  me  to find  them    a not copsy  the forest  lake, ,  which

they  saw  from  the top  of mountain.  We  began  a search,  but  to find  a lake  with 

not able clean  banks   .  Therefore,  decided  that  will get  in to  him

from the side of  mountain,  when  will  return  home.  Sdelali so .


    Which    my  surprise  was  when,  from  the top  of mountain,  I  saw

only  small  part  of smooth surface  of lake,  -  other  surface,  from

reviews,  hid  high trees.  I  understood  that  in the first time,

we  saw  a window  in  the future.  And  large  trees,  more credible  than all,

this  in winter,  will be  chop  down.

    Two  boys  gave  at once  up    that  was seen  before.  Said,

that  was simply  entangled  where  and  that  they  saw.  Third,  same 

junior,    did not renounce  but,  decided  that  saw  the picture  of opened

lakes,  from  the refraction    of sunbeams.

    And so,  each  of  us,  answered  itself  because  could.  And,  who knows,

what  will this  place  be  in a year?   



           There is  additional  important  information.  you look  in
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Surprises  of  anomalous  zone

(Choice  on  the topic)


                      UNBELIEVABLE  ROUTE  IS  ROVE 

             Unexpected  adventures  at  departure  on  fishing

             Here,  Anomalous  displays,  took  us  and  compelled

        to reeve  an unbelievable  route

               That,    not to repeat  an unbelievable  route,  we  went  along  the river

         which flowed  in  necessary  us  direction

               Do  a correct  choice,  if  you  will be taken  by anomalous

          displays,  otherwise  -  will lose way finally !


                Anomalous  phenomena

              By chance,  I  understood,    to reeve  it is possible to  the lake  

          to use  a way  which  is chosen  by the Anomalous  phenomena

               We  want  it  or not,  but  Anomalous

           the phenomena  can  change  our  way  and  happens,

           sometimes,  in  advantageous  us  direction


                 Secret  age-or-window  in  the parallel  world

            Sensation!  The secret  of age is opened,  at  a capture  anomalous   

        by displays,  is  the parallel  world

              Other  world,  other  nature  or  window  in  the parallel  world

              Cabin  of Polikashki  and  secret  of anomalous  window  in  other  world


       Windows  in  the future  -  Anomalous  displays

          Anomalous  displays  rotined  other  kind  on  a lake,

      but,  two  young  boys,  gave  up    that  was seen

          I  gave  on  gases,  fearing  to be  bulldoggen

      by anomalous  displays

          Here,  I  looked  after anomalous  displays  with  a group

      young  boys

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