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     Information  for  a contact  with  UFO

              Not think  about  nature  of unknown  essence,  better  look after

        after  it  -  it,  already,  valuable  information

              At  swearing    to be  not afraid of UFO,  at  a near  contact,  not

        survived  nerves!

              Important  information:  Experience  of contact  of the third  

        degree,  from  ancestors


       Here,  will talk  about  that  as  important  to be  geared-up  to  the contacts  of the third

  degrees  and  as  important  to distinguish  the natural  phenomena  from  power  essences.

  Veritable  information  will help,  in  necessary  moment,  delivered  from  fear.

        For example,  it is impossible  to mix  up and  equate  two  different  phenomena,  first:  Ball

  lightning,  it  is the clot  of energy formed  in    thunderclouds .  Second:  Anomalous

  power  object,  it  in somewise  celled  in  the form  of plasmoid

  reason.  In a due form,  to the kind  and  size,  they  can  be  identical.

        In  the English-language  countries,  opinion is steady,  that  it is necessary  to ward  off  UFO 

  and  unknown  us,  on the essence,  anomalous  educations  and  power

  creatures  of dwellings  in  circumferential  us  space.  I will say on this case 

  following:  -  my  personal  experience  and  experience 

of ancestors  talks  that  is necessary  to be supported

  contact,  where  it  is possible,  but not to tremble  with  fear.  We  must  avoid

  subzero  consequences  from  a contact  with  the aggressive  phenomena,  such  as

  poltergeist,  and  for this purpose  it is necessary  to know  that   do  in every case.  And,

  here,  without  the correct  understanding  and  exact

 interpretation  of the anomalous  phenomena,  to us

  not to treat.  Knowing  people  will manage  with  them  on the way,  without  problems.

                All  of us  know  as  a sea  of energy is thrown  out in  outward  us  things

  descendant  the subzero  emotions  of living  creatures  and  understand  that,  possibly,

  it  contacts  with  those  who  generates it .  It is not

necessary  to be  a psychologist,    to understand

as  important  to be  an even-tempered  person,    to prevent  a similar  contact

  with  negative  energy  and    not to become  it  акumulator.  And,  as a result,  to become

  by the detonator  of such  phenomena  as  a poltergeist. 

Mainly,  to exterminate  in  itself  ageless  fear

  before  ungot to know,  any  fear.  Therefore,  if  during  a thunderstorm,  to  you  in  a room

  a fire-ball will leak out,  through  a hole  or crack, ,    not frightened,  better  open

  small  hinge window pane and  door.  A fire-ball 

will find  an output.  And, when  in  glasses  of windows

  openings appear,    sinning  is necessary  on  the people  of applying  weapon.

        We  see sometimes,  look  like    fire-balls,  power  objects.

  Not frightened,  look  after  these,  provided  with reason,  by fiery  balls  while

  they    did not disappear.  Your  fright  will deprive  you 

this  possibility.  Therefore,  better  make an effort

  to enter  in  a contact  with  these  power  educations.  Let  does not disturb you   

  nature  of these  power  creatures,  -  in  nature  present  much what interestingly

  and  unknown  us.  Here  and  try,  as chance offers,  to know  something  new.

        For  some  people  can  there be  a question,  for what I  write all  of it ?  I explain:

  -   In order that  it was  not annoying  you    for    the conduct  after  the similar  meeting.

  It  meetings  with  unknow and  people,  must  be,  geared-up  to  them.  Only  in

  this  case,  near  contacts  with  UFO,  by aliens  and  with  energetic

  objects,  can  be  successful  and  will reeve  up-to-the-mark   .

        Yet,  it is impossible  to forget,      that  majority  of information  in  MASS-MEDIA  and  internet,

  prepare  us   to    retroactions  in case of  meeting  with  ungot to know.  And,

  the most important,  the similar  meetings  very  rarely  take  place and  you    must  not miss out

  the chance  to set  the near  contact  of the third  degree.

        I  collected    the information  on  grain,  and, to you,  on  each    to the page,  give

  formed,  tested  information.  In  our  age,  such  information  has

  special  value.  Besides,  mainly,  pages  are formed  on the basis of  my

  personal  experience.  Even  in  the internet,  hardness  to find  description  of similar

  phenomena    by an eyewitness.  So, that,  who  reads  those  the pages  of web site:

  http://nmatveich.googlepages.com/x-earth,  can  consider  it  success.

          Now,  I  will describe  experience  of contact  with  ungot to know,  if  want  experience  of  

  Contact  to the third  degree,  from  ancestors.  It  is a contact  with  a power  object  allotted

  by reason.  Here  this  history.

        In    beginning  of the twentieth  age,  uncle  of my  grandmother  from  which  I  heard  it

  history,  engaged  in driving  herds  of sheep  in  the region  of Caucasus.  It is common knowledge

  that  shashlick  from  mutton  favourite  food  of habitants  of this  region.  But,  all  business  in

  by a friend.  Driving,  on  such  distant  way,  occupied  many  days  and  nights.  And,  all

  it  is time,  people  lived  under open-skies and  were  with  nature,  as

  talked,  on  you.  On the way  met  with  the same    people,  exchanged

  by information  and  knew much,  both  in general  about  nature  and  about  nature

  anomalous  phenomena.  Able  correctly  to behave    at  meetings  with  different

  by flying  objects.  Therefore,  the uncle  of my  grandmother  was reputed,  in to the world,  as


        And,  once,  on  late  summer  meet,  by make  young people  to on

  the evenings,  a flying  in  sky  power  object was  noticed .  At this juncture,

  who  remembered    that  among  them  contacter  is present  and  began  to ask  him  to rotin

  as  he  is able  to socialize  with  them.  Other,  fellows  and  girlies,  similarly  began  to sue  for

  it.  Contacter  is forced  was  to give    the consent,  but,  pulled  out a meeting  condition:

  all  must  swear,  that    not scared  this  object  when  he  will appear  alongside.

  All  swore.  Contacter  asked  UFO  and  it  made  a touch-down  not far from

   people.  On  this  moment,    all  had  only  curiosity  and  delight  from

  observer.  Then,  UFO  began  to overflow  all  colors  of rainbow.  Now,  we,

  it  was named  as  a show  of light.  This  show  was enough  in order that  all  present

  frightened  and  from  fear  hammered  together in  one  heap.  In reply,  on  such  reaction

  looking after,,  on  farewell,  poured  UFO sparks  and  disappeared.

        Here,  to you,  prime  example  of contact  with  UFO  of people    not geared-up  to  similar

  to meetings.  And,  think,  now,  a question  is fully  closed  about  importance  and  utility

  to similar  information.

        It is talked:  information  governs  the world,  -  I  will add,  -  and  veritable  information,

  -  power  and  meaningfulness  of people!  Therefore,  now,  if  wish  to get  interesting  and

useful  to  your  way  of  life  information,  click  on  this  reference.              NMatveich

    Supervisions  of  UFO

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                              Information  for  a  contact  with  UFO

                  It  is  necessary  to  be  geared-up  to  the  contact  of  the  third  degree,

               especially,  when  meet  power  UFO

                    That  to  do,  at  meeting  with  the  aggressive  phenomena  of  type


                     Not  to  become  the  detonator  of  such  phenomena  as  a  poltergeist,

                It  is  necessary  to  exterminate  in  itself  fear  before  ungot  to  know

                     A  man  is  necessary  to  know  that  to  do  at   meetings:  with  ungot  

               to  know,   by  an  UFO,  aliens,  power  essences


                       An anomalous  heat  is in  Russia  and  UFO

                      Anomalous  heat,  when,  a  temperature  rose  in  the day-time

                to  42 - 45  degrees  on  celsia,    could    not  not  interest  UFO

                      This  was  not  satelit  and,  I,  supposed  that  test

             «flying  piattis»  done  in  саратове

                       A  bright  star  flew  below  than cloud  of  smoke,  I  understood  at  once                on  it.  that,  to  me,  UFO flies


                                          An  UFO  is  POWER  VAMPIRE

                          The  unidentified  flying  object  flew  in  my  direction  and  with

                    by  him  were  metamorphoses,  increased  UFO  in  sizes  -  for  him

                    enormous  ears  grew

                          As  in  a film  about  stars  vampires,  sucked  in  UFO  hard-over  energy

                   from  the forest

                         Not  to  injure  the  farther  scared  observer,  UFO

                    simply  disappeared



                       The  squadron  of  UFO  in  the  last  seconds  unscrewed  from  Earth

                 and  disappeared  in  space

                       Somersaulting  in  an  atmosphere  the  unidentified  flying  object

               approached  and  became  visible  pouring  off  silver  corps  of  UFO

                      Ball  UFO  flew  a  side,  I  asked  him  and  it,  instantly,

               got  around  me  and  hung up

                      Unbelievable  speeds  -  the  squadron  of  UFO  unscrewed  instantly

              from  Earth,   not  violating  an  ideal  line-up


             An  UFO  is  an  interceptor  and  educational  airplane 

              An  airplane  flew  above  me  and,  at  this  juncture,  I  saw

         as  from  the  edge  of  the  dark  forest,  on  the  intercept  of  airplane,  took  off

         ball  UFO

               A collision  did  not  happen  -  UFO  flew  below  than airplane

         and  both  objects  continued  flight

               By  me,  it  is  noticed  a  long  ago,  that  UFO  does  not  like  to  work  in  light,

         lunar  nights


                                          Motor  of  UFO

                                          (Perpetual  motion)

                        An  engine  is  presented  as  a  game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of  UFO  is  adopted ".  In  the  total,

                  you  will collect  the  construction  maximally  simplified  working

                 with  potential  of  enormous  power,  that  will  allow  to  provide,

                 not only  itself,  consumable  electric  power!

                       This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                 For   UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"

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