Unbelievable route


Nature,  anomalous  displays  arranged  us,  -  running  on

place  on  natural  body-builder                     - NMatveich




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                   UNBELIEVABLE  ROUTE  

                From  abnormally  that  shows  us  nature,  it  is  possible

       mislay  on  well  looked  locality

               Do  a correct  choice,  if  you  will  be taken  in  capture  anomalous

       displays,  otherwise  -  will lose way fully !

             Alike, nature of earth, acts against  our opinion about 

        existence  anomalous areas. Of coming from thereof what I

        saw, heard and read about them, anomalous displays can

        to take in any point of earth and at any time.  Alright,

        that  anomalous  displays  can  differ:  on  intensity,

        on  force  of affecting    on  the  man.

        Did not notice other differences and they exist scarcely.

            And, here, on frequency of displays, streamside places will be given by one hundred  

        points  forward, to the places elevated.  I know a place,  where they take  place

        with  by enviable regularity. People  often  run  into  anomalous

        by displays,  but explain happening the imperfection,

        say,  in a navigation, or by hallucinations. Or does not simply notice,

        what be going on round them. Advice, analyse  that  unbelievable,  that

        nature shows  us . It, eventually, simply unknown,

        new.  And  analyse that appeared, so, suddenly...

             Here model case of the very powerful affecting people

        "deviances" on the elevated locality. There, anomalous  displays

        arranged  us  three,  as, running on the spot on artificial

        to the path.  Only,  on  natural  body-builder.

             And all began again from fishing. Or, it is not, however from hunt is fishing

        it was continuation. On opening of hunt on shutes, we, with  a neighbour,

        on two-wheel motor cycles, with guns the pointed forward, traveled all over 

        forests, the growings along rivers are “Medvediza". There,  very much different

        caliber of lakes. Here, in one of them, we, and found out a presence

        lacustrine pickerel. A lake is shallow and not overgrown aquatic  vegetation.

        And we, decided that not badly here to ferment.

             A case appeared in a month. Somewhere in the second half

        September. We "chartered" a pensionary uncle Tikhona.  For him was

        small drag-net and  captured  motor cycle of "Irbit".  And three together,

        on a powerful motor cycle with a cradle, we drove up to the cherished purpose.

             Remained to pass a few hundred meters and, here,  happened

        first "misfire". We rode into in the forest. Well rolled road,  conducted

        to  the place on the river “Medvediza", where local boys, in summer,

        went  to bath and catch a fishing-rod fish. From this road  must

        to detach oneself, in left,  infrequently-accessed, forest  road,

        which reeved along a necessary us lake. But, her  no.

        Nature  changed  this  area  of the forest,  but  we,  about  it,  yet  not


             In the first time, we passed to the river. Made sure in that

        place the same. Here привада, and on a that bank, good sandy

        beach... Passed in second times - the fork of roads is not present. Passed in

        third time - a road is not present. Here and there, it is not...  Knowing  that dale  with

        by lakes in hundred meters from the river and stretches parallell it, we,

        decided to cross the forest, from the river to the lake, on foot. Sdelali so,  -

        a lake was found.

             Searched knowingly. It was enough two short  trawl, to collect,

        good, large fish. Spikhnuli   the shallow European carp and pickerel in

        lake. Content with a catch we forgot about a devilish delusion,

        hiding from us a road to the lake. And vainly. We were expected by

        continuation  of this delusion, only, already, on well  looked over,

        elevated  area  of locality. Just opposite a that place, where

        we were presently, only for other side of the river

        "Medvediza". Here the forest, there the field. And it is a “adventure-mishap”

        proceeded only because an uncle to Tikhonu may need

        to get in on a minute, (to think only) to someone down to country "Malyy-

        Karamysh". And, that it to carry out, we departed home  away

        a road.

             The first incident happened since rose in a steep mountain

        and broke forth on opened a look space. At a motor cycle said no

        tripping. An owner held a review and passed judgement: - to repair not

        subject and a motor cycle would be necessary somewhere to hide. Hid in a dale -

         after the voyage not evidently and that is well-built. And, here, we left in a way,

        "on it two",  loaded  with a drag-net and fish.

             A road conducted us straight on, could be seen ahead  and coming forward

        by a wedge in the field, copsy the forest ravine of "Sokino".  We went east,

        not turning aside. An evening sun is permanent lighted us

        in the back. Went about hour, and sokino islet of the forest, so former,

        was  far ahead of us. From the beginning of way to him, it was no more than 7

        kilometres, and, on this occasion, an anxiety began to overcome us.

        And, when a road steeply displaced to the right, southward, we were stopped  at

        to confusion and began to look around on sides. Right here that,

        uncle Tikhon and managed to identify a dale in which hid a motor cycle.

             To amazement, to our, there was not a limit. Especially since

        examined a dale and made sure in  that dale the same, and

        motor cycle stands in place, and with him nothing happened.

             In what be going on it was not desirable to trust! Reason renounced to understand

        it. And, not looking on that a sun began to be rolled over-the-horizon,

        we did not go anymore on this road with open-space, and

        got down to the river which flowed in a necessary us side, and went,

        on a path, by the forest.

             Delusion,  anomalous  displays, no longer interfered with us

        and we,  to complete darkness, went out on a glade.

             Judging to on leave tracks, beehives stood on a glade. And, lay

        on an impromptu dinner-wagon: a half is a fork of cabbage,

        salt and half of loaf of bread of bread which did not have time to get stale,

        specified on that an apiary was taken out by this day. Here we stand night

        in plenty eating one's fill, fried on a fire, finfishess with bread.

             In the morning, since went out on a roadtread, to us, по-

        drove with a passing machine. And, we, without adventures, reached

        at home.

             Passion to hunt, or fishing, often drives out us from home. And,

        similar "hobby", carried out in сильнеишей to the anomalous area,

        much more frequent results in the supervision of anomalous displays.

             At times, as in a fairy-tale, unexpectedly get in other world. My

        "hobby" fishing and next capture by anomalous forces, not be

        long to wait...                                             - NMatveich


           There is  additional  important  information.  you look  in
  end  of the opened  page,  under  a number  002

Surprises  of  anomalous  zone

(Choice  on  the topic)


                      UNBELIEVABLE  ROUTE  IS  ROVE 

             Unexpected  adventures  at  departure  on  fishing

             Here,  Anomalous  displays,  took  us  and  compelled

        to reeve  an unbelievable  route

               That,    not to repeat  an unbelievable  route,  we  went  along  the river

         which flowed  in  necessary  us  direction

               Do  a correct  choice,  if  you  will be taken  by anomalous

          displays,  otherwise  -  will lose way finally !


                Anomalous  phenomena

              By chance,  I  understood,    to reeve  it is possible to  the lake  

          to use  a way  which  is chosen  by the Anomalous  phenomena

               We  want  it  or not,  but  Anomalous

           the phenomena  can  change  our  way  and  happens,

           sometimes,  in  advantageous  us  direction


                 Secret  age-or-window  in  the parallel  world

            Sensation!  The secret  of age is opened,  at  a capture  anomalous   

        by displays,  is  the parallel  world

              Other  world,  other  nature  or  window  in  the parallel  world

              Cabin  of Polikashki  and  secret  of anomalous  window  in  other  world


       Windows  in  the future  -  Anomalous  displays

          Anomalous  displays  rotined  other  kind  on  a lake,

      but,  two  young  boys,  gave  up    that  was seen

          I  gave  on  gases,  fearing  to be  bulldoggen

      by anomalous  displays

          Here,  I  looked  after anomalous  displays  with  a group

      young  boys

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