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  We catch  the  European  carp  by  hands

   Fishing  tackle  of «Sezha»

  Fishing  and  magic

   Effective  attachment  for  “Baldy”

                         UFO  -  ENERGy  VAMPIRe

               In midnight we  catch  “Sheat-fish”,  in  this  time  aliens,

           on  UFO, -  catch  clean  energies  made  in  nature

                An UFO,  as  stars is vampires,  -  take  forest  energy

           by that  the  method


               Here, I, will tell about sweepable  a forest area flying object.

            There was a summer. A hot, dry weather stood. Nights quiet and warm

            time to catch "Sheat-fish".  By it, I, and got busy sitting on two

            "aldern" trees, falling down together on the narrow area of the river and

            make is  natural transition.

                Time crossed for midnight when I saw UFO. Spherical

            an object flew in my direction, flew very slowly, and with him

            there were metamorphoses. UFO, slowly increased in sizes,

            - in both sides with him grow enormous ears. (Well, straight, as at

            odious hero of animated film "Cheburashkа".)  Ears luminescence  dis-

            criminate from luminescence of airframe, is was weaker on a brightness.

            When ears grew to the necessary size, UFO, began quickly grow

            by bluish ghostly light. (so be on fire gas – blue light).

            Then quickly sucked in it and all began repeat: - grow

            ears, became overgrown with ghostly light, sucked in and all

            repeated from beginning.

                Flew up an UFO to me, and I as the bewitched see on his doing

            did not pierce an idea while: - But  not whip  away  whether UFO something

            from the forest. If it so, it is time for me to be winded up from opened area

            and hidden for a tree. River that flows through the forest.  My fright

            decided everything - simply disappeared UFO.

                It is a model action of UFO - aliens try not

            to injure the fright of observer. I knew it from preceding

            contacts, both with UFO and with small cleanly power

            by objects. But not scared this bout did not manage and before in this time

            end itself possibility to look the flying object.

                Later, in one of TV, I saw as similar made

            the star "vampire". Showed the museum of cereous mans

             "madam of Tyusso", in London,  that there  has been planetarium

            and in him demonstrate films about stars, taken off observatory.

            In the rotined fragment of film I saw as a star of vampire

            a feast" sucks in energy of protuberance, breaking from the bowels of

            beside stars. Goes out that fright my was, in what that to the measure,

            actual?!  And, aliens,  actually,  began  to swing energy

            hard-over  UFO.

                 All right, UFO disappeared. Longer than o'clock of night to remain to fish

            did not make sense, - it is necessary it was to have time to have a good sleep.

                 Small sheat-fish, kg on 4, I, caught all the same. I catch good

            by the wattled tackle able to survive very large to on

            to the size fishes. For a long time, in our places, fishing  this  thing

            and it deserves that to tell about it,   on  separate  to  the  pages...


Supervisions  of  UFO

      (Choice  on  the topic)


               Information  for  a  contact  with  UFO

                  It  is  necessary  to  be  geared-up  to  the  contact  of  the  third  degree,

               especially,  when  meet  power  UFO

                    That  to  do,  at  meeting  with  the  aggressive  phenomena  of  type


                     Not  to  become  the  detonator  of  such  phenomena  as  a  poltergeist,

                It  is  necessary  to  exterminate  in  itself  fear  before  ungot  to  know

                     A  man  is  necessary  to  know  that  to  do  at   meetings:  with  ungot  

               to  know,   by  an  UFO,  aliens,  power  essences


         An anomalous  heat  is in  Russia  and  UFO

                      Anomalous  heat,  when,  a  temperature  rose  in  the day-time

             to  42 - 45  degrees  on  celsia,    could    not  not  interest  UFO

                      This  was  not  satelit  and,  I,  supposed  that  test

           «flying  piattis»  done  in  саратове

                      A  bright  star  flew  below  than cloud  of  smoke,  I  understood

            at  once    on  it.  that,  to  me,  UFO flies


                   An  UFO  is  POWER  VAMPIRE

                          The  unidentified  flying  object  flew  in  my  direction  and  with

                    by  him  were  metamorphoses,  increased  UFO  in  sizes  -  for  him

                    enormous  ears  grew

                          As  in  a film  about  stars  vampires,  sucked  in  UFO  hard-over  energy

                   from  the forest

                         Not  to  injure  the  farther  scared  observer,  UFO

                    simply  disappeared



                       The  squadron  of  UFO  in  the  last  seconds  unscrewed  from  Earth

                 and  disappeared  in  space

                       Somersaulting  in  an  atmosphere  the  unidentified  flying  object

               approached  and  became  visible  pouring  off  silver  corps  of  UFO

                      Ball  UFO  flew  a  side,  I  asked  him  and  it,  instantly,

               got  around  me  and  hung up

                      Unbelievable  speeds  -  the  squadron  of  UFO  unscrewed  instantly

              from  Earth,   not  violating  an  ideal  line-up


   An  UFO  is  an  interceptor  and  educational  airplane 

              An  airplane  flew  above  me  and,  at  this  juncture,  I  saw

         as  from  the  edge  of  the  dark  forest,  on  the  intercept  of  airplane,  took  off

         ball  UFO

               A collision  did  not  happen  -  UFO  flew  below  than airplane

         and  both  objects  continued  flight

               By  me,  it  is  noticed  a  long  ago,  that  UFO  does  not  like  to  work  in  light,

         lunar  nights


                                  Motor  of  UFO

                                   (Perpetual  motion)

                        An  engine  is  presented  as  a  game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of  UFO  is  adopted ".  In  the  total,

                  you  will collect  the  construction  maximally  simplified  working

                 with  potential  of  enormous  power,  that  will  allow  to  provide,

                 not only  itself,  consumable  electric  power!

                       This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                 For   UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"

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