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     An anomalous  heat  is in  Russia  and  UFO

      Incredibly,  but  fact!  An UFO  masks  under  sputnik,

  which  we  so  often  look  after in  nightly  sky


      2010  a year  opened  the new  landmark  of counting  out anomalous  high

temperatures  in  Russia.  20  records  of high are beaten  in  Moscow

temperatures.  An anomalous  heat  is in  Volga  zone  -  it  was  simply

temperature  nightmare:  to  a 9  o'clock  of morning  a temperature  reached

to  the mark  30  degrees  are on  "C",  approached at midday 

to  40  degrees,  and  at  2-3  o'clock  of day  a thermometer  showed  42-45


      An anomalous  heat  stepped back in  Volga  zone,  only,  on August, 20 .

And,  all time,  it  is a summer,  accompanied  a high  smokiness

air  from  burnt-out  on  the fields  of straw,  grass  and  forest  fires.

And  absence  of rain  resulted  in  the strongest  drought.

      The European  countries,  vice versa,  suffered  this summer  from

floods,  caused  often  and  abundantly  falling  out sinking.

And  in  the Scandinavian  countries,  was there,  even,  a shortage  of summer


      All  these  anomalies  are in  Europe,   not  could  not cause  interest  to

by him  at  UFO.  Understanding  that  UFO  must  show  general

activity,  I  tried  to find  out them.

      Long time,  nothing  certain,  I    did not see.  Once,

saw  as  highly  in  sky  a new  star  blazed  up and  here

went out.  Yet,  a new  satellite  route  -  sputnik  discovered

flew  westerly  east,  toward  the city  of Saratov.

      This  sputnik  differed  from  other    that  luminescence  for  him

there was  more  bright  what  at  other  sputniks  and,  obviously,  was

more  low  trajectory  of flight.  He  interested  me  and  I

traced  as far as  far  visible  part  extends  him

flight.  Appeared, that  he  can  be looked  after so,

as far as    it  allows  to do  your  sight.  He  left

far  to  horizon.  Usually,  visible  part  of flight  at  sputnik

ends  with considerably  before,  even  with  more  high

by the orbit  of flight.

    This  was  obviously    not  sputnik,  but  his  flight  aside    Saratov

compelled  me  to suppose  that  test 

Saratov  «flying  piattis»  only  with  obvolute  plasma

by a corps,  that  very  and  very  doubtfully.  As  visible,  from

lack  of  information,  I,  yet,    could  not make,  what  or,

certain  conclusions.

      Time went,  farmer,  straight on the fields,  began  to burn

straw.  Forest  fires began .

      Anomalous  heat,  in combination with a high  smokiness

air,  brought  people  only  sufferings.  Even  tomatoes

aimed  quick  to complete    the cycle  of development:  in spite of

abundant  watering,  an anomalous  heat  compelled  to blush  only

that  the strung  garden-stuffs  tomato.  And,  in a height this  heat,

my  searches  of UFO  brought  the first  success.

      It was  a few  days  hot    in the day and night.  To only  to

to the sunrise,  a temperature  went  down to  25  degrees  to on

цельсию.  Sleeping  was necessary  under open-skies.  When

next  night came,  I,  that  will a bit  cool down,  stood

at  a gate  in a fence where  a draught

heaves  up usually,  after,  getting cold,  turned

going  to leave  and  here  saw  as  a corps blazed  up brightly 

low  hanging  UFO  and  it,  swiftly  gathering  speed,

began  to go  away to  sky.  After a couple

of  seconds  UFO  became  measuring with

star,  and  yet  after  a second,  him    became  not visible  quite.

      At one time,  American  cosmonauts, turned  out as  was

a shot  is fired,  from  теретории  Australia,  from  electromagnetic

cannons,  on  approaching    Earth  UFO.  The last  reacted

on  the flash  of light,  unscrewed  from  Earth  and  with  stunning

by speed,  flew away,  back,  in  deep  space.  In the very next breath,

through  becoming  empty space,  the clot  of energy flew .  After

this  case,    UFO  has  reason  to  so  swift  starts.

Who  does it hunt  to be  wounded?  Explained The same    reason

and  disguise  of UFO,  strongly  interfering  with our  supervisions.

      It was now  lucky me :  An UFO  worked  on  a small  height  and,  I,

had  time to look over,  who  is  who.  And  when  they  work  on  large

to the height,    at  a start  look  as  an asterisk  and  disappear immediately .

To understand  that  or,  it is simply  impossible.  But  today  success  -  to me

the secret  of similar  starts was opened .

      In spite of  overfilling  me  emotions,  suddenly,  came

idea,  that  this  night  will be  cool.  And,  it will be  better  if  I

will lie  down to sleep  at home.  I  finally  satisfied  itself  of  it,  remembering,

that  these  boys  are  friends with  nature. 

And,  by him,  to arrange go  for nothing 

to us  cool  night,  say,  causing  an anomalous  window

to cool  night  from  the future.  Which,  to  the sunrise,  will disappear

self  on  itself.

      And,  we,  with  Natalia,  all  opened  that  can  be opened,  that  after

night  rooms  had  time to get  cold in  a house

 and  I  lay  down to sleep.  Supposition

justified oneself,  for  night  a temperature  went  down to  17  degrees  to on

"C".  Night  was  cool.  In  a few  days  all

repeated oneself,  a difference  had been  only  in    that  UFO  worked  in

to other  side.

      In  past  years  forest  fires  became

 more frequent and  in  Lysogorskom

district.   It  right,  from  the river  of Volga,  part  of the Saratov  area.  But,

surprising  business,  fires    did not touch an anomalous  area .  And

surprisingly  that is why  it,  as compared to  other  places,  zone

visits  the greater  amount  of people.  Probably,  much  depends  from

thereof,  what  forest  prevails  and  from  the contingent  of visitors.

      From  Ataevka  sat  down to  Bald – Mountains,  along  the river  "Medvediza"

(female  Bear),  the large  arrays    of pine-wood stretch .  Anomalous  heat  2010

well  dried  them  and  blazing  up fire,  for  a day,  destroyed

many  hundred  hectares  of the forest.  And,  there,  first,  strongly  burn

mixed  forest.

      In  the first  day,  to spread  a fire  wind helped .  On

second  day,  wind  calmed  down and  forest  fires  weakened.  And  on  the third

day,  there was  only  one  hearth  of the conflagrant  forest.  Smoke  from  him

rose  highly  in  sky  and  appeared there,  decent  to on

to the size,  cloud  of smoke.  It  a cloud,  slowly,  was approached

to our  village.

      When  night came,  I,  not  including  light,  went  out on  a porch

to look  as far as  a cloud got  around  a village .  That

I  saw,  drove  me  to  the indescribable  delight.  Straight on me,

below  than cloud  of smoke,  a bright  star flew .  Other  stars,  from

supervisions,  reliably  hid  this  cloud.  Border  of him

it was  straight  to me,  and  above  a head  there was  clean,

stars  sky.  Therefore,  I  understood at once,  that  UFO flies  to  me

and  the delight  at my  not  was  scopes.  An UFO  heard  me,   became

to submerge  in  smoke  and  hid  there.  I,  expected  that  It,

rising,  will continue  a route  and  I  will see  him  on  a clean  area

star  sky.  But,  it    did not happen:  UFO  or  flew  away in

space,  or  harboured  under a protection a smoky  cloud.  And  for

me  and   such  variant befitted ,  because,  he  confirmed  that

I, saw  the disguised,   under  sputnik,  UFO.

      Nearer  to  the morning,  a cloud  covered  us  and  on  the roofs  of houses

an ash was strewed .


         There is  additional  important  information.  you look  in
  end  of the opened  page,  under  a  number  006 


Supervisions  of  UFO

      (Choice  on  the topic)


               Information  for  a  contact  with  UFO

                  It  is  necessary  to  be  geared-up  to  the  contact  of  the  third  degree,

               especially,  when  meet  power  UFO

                    That  to  do,  at  meeting  with  the  aggressive  phenomena  of  type


                     Not  to  become  the  detonator  of  such  phenomena  as  a  poltergeist,

                It  is  necessary  to  exterminate  in  itself  fear  before  ungot  to  know

                     A  man  is  necessary  to  know  that  to  do  at   meetings:  with  ungot  

               to  know,   by  an  UFO,  aliens,  power  essences


         An anomalous  heat  is in  Russia  and  UFO

                      Anomalous  heat,  when,  a  temperature  rose  in  the day-time

             to  42 - 45  degrees  on  celsia,    could    not  not  interest  UFO

                      This  was  not  satelit  and,  I,  supposed  that  test

           «flying  piattis»  done  in  саратове

                      A  bright  star  flew  below  than cloud  of  smoke,  I  understood

            at  once    on  it.  that,  to  me,  UFO flies


                   An  UFO  is  POWER  VAMPIRE

                          The  unidentified  flying  object  flew  in  my  direction  and  with

                    by  him  were  metamorphoses,  increased  UFO  in  sizes  -  for  him

                    enormous  ears  grew

                          As  in  a film  about  stars  vampires,  sucked  in  UFO  hard-over  energy

                   from  the forest

                         Not  to  injure  the  farther  scared  observer,  UFO

                    simply  disappeared



                       The  squadron  of  UFO  in  the  last  seconds  unscrewed  from  Earth

                 and  disappeared  in  space

                       Somersaulting  in  an  atmosphere  the  unidentified  flying  object

               approached  and  became  visible  pouring  off  silver  corps  of  UFO

                      Ball  UFO  flew  a  side,  I  asked  him  and  it,  instantly,

               got  around  me  and  hung up

                      Unbelievable  speeds  -  the  squadron  of  UFO  unscrewed  instantly

              from  Earth,   not  violating  an  ideal  line-up


   An  UFO  is  an  interceptor  and  educational  airplane 

              An  airplane  flew  above  me  and,  at  this  juncture,  I  saw

         as  from  the  edge  of  the  dark  forest,  on  the  intercept  of  airplane,  took  off

         ball  UFO

               A collision  did  not  happen  -  UFO  flew  below  than airplane

         and  both  objects  continued  flight

               By  me,  it  is  noticed  a  long  ago,  that  UFO  does  not  like  to  work  in  light,

         lunar  nights


                                  Motor  of  UFO

                                   (Perpetual  motion)

                        An  engine  is  presented  as  a  game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of  UFO  is  adopted ".  In  the  total,

                  you  will collect  the  construction  maximally  simplified  working

                 with  potential  of  enormous  power,  that  will  allow  to  provide,

                 not only  itself,  consumable  electric  power!

                       This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                 For   UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"

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