Fire-balls  bombing  the top  of hillock  with  a cemetery

      and  terror  embrace  the  eyewitness




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                                      FLIGHT  OF  FIREBALLS  WITH  FREEZING  THE SOUL  HOWL

                           BOMBARDMENT    FIREBALLS  ON  ORDER?


                 Not to mention that, how many times I heard, from mass medias, that

          fire-balls the phenomenon very rare. And, about their mass appearance

          and there is nothing to talk.

                But, the once, by a good summer evening, I took the spinning and went          

           to fish. Chose a place near the abandoned cemetery. River does a turn here.

           River  a mountain rounds fluently. A road, going along

           the river, rise uphill. On a top, on the right

           from a road, a cemetery. Downstairs, near the river, a large  willow  grew.

           And aloof from it, near the foot of mountain, young tree. Here and all 


               I stood under the willow complete the impressions from

          a fight against a large luce and vacantly looked as

          it somersaults, in a dale, aloof from me. From a trance showed out me  

          frightful  force  crack of thunder in moment had following for the blinding   

          streak  of  lightning.  Inot  saw as from of a mountain walked out a black

          cloud  from  which, after thunder, a thundershower gushed.

          After a couple of minutes  a rain took off turns, and

          a thunderstorm continues. Knowing  that dangerously

          to stand in a thunderstorm under a large tree, I took shelter two large

          burdocks  and  passed  under, growing aloof, small tree.

              Better I did not do it. Storm digits made off and bombardment began

          overhanging above me hillock, which a cemetery was on, by fire-balls.

          Fire-balls fly down in sequence and accompanied is horror howl for

          The  soul.  Fiery  shells ploughed up the top of hillock and did not think  

          to  be  displaced  aside.  Local  cloud  hung over  a hillock, and    

          the  rays  of  a  sun  and  locality  broke through lacerated its edges

          painted in yellow-pink-lilac color. Impression of horror, from seen,

          compelled me automatically to count the shots

          of lightnings. By that time, when I counted

          sixteen shots, they became rarer, locality was

          transformed and I came to oneself. Rare

          a rain, accompanying bombardment, made off. Cloud, industrialize  yet

          by a few fiery balls, began to be displaced aside. Work was complete. And,

          on my opinion, who that, cleaned an instrument. And,

          I, in surprise, discovered that clothes on me

          had time to dry out. Whose was this the work?

         Maybe, brothers under the mind, extraterrestrials,

          found on your own there is a purpose. Maybe, somebody else.

          It knows one god...

               I want to add one interesting circumstance: - a center

          of  cloud  was  above  the  river  and only from him fiery balls poured  

          with  a terrible howl (alike on wu-а-w-ам). Fire-balls,

          by a size with big ball, flew only on a up area, flew, slightly, to on

          to the slanting trajectory and not a single shell, on my happiness, did not hit

          a mountain in a slope. It is possible to think, that

          a cloud ladled energy at the river and could not displace the center. And    

          me, in a that time, it is a circumstance, only added fear.             - NMatveich



 Unbelievable  things

       (Choice  on  the topic)


                                UFO  motor

                                    (Perpetual  motion)

                An  engine  is  presented  as  a  game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of  UFO  is  adopted ". In  the total,

                  you  will  collect  the  construction  maximally  simplified  working

                 with  potential  of enormous  power,  that  will allow  to  provide,

                 not  only  itself,  consumable  electric  power!

                       This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                 for  UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"


                        We correct  a biofield  


                          Know,  how  to  correct  the  power  biofield,

                   simply  looking  over  itself  on  the TV screen

                          The  repeated  correction  of  information  of  biofield  resulted  to  in

                    to  the side  effect  -  disappearance  of piles

                          Know  intercourses  about  two  surprisings  methods,  at  level

                    to  information  of  biofield                                                                               

                         We  correct  and  restore  itself  after  attacks

                    power  vampires                                                

                          All  of  it  gives  us  information  of  biofield  in  a record,  -  it

                    fantasy  is in  your  house


                        Search  of sorcerer

                    It  «informative  scope»  for  the  search  of  extrasensory

               individual  and  sorcerer  on  the  TV  screen

                    Unique  possibility: check  itself  for  extrasensory


                     A power  scope  can  define  UFO  on  authenticity  -

                it  is  enough  to  bring  it  to  the  TV  screen

                      Kashpirovskiy  and  Chumak  can  be reconciled  after  verification,

                on  extrasensory  capabilities,   by  this  informative  scope


                      DEVILISH  WORK  FOR    FIRE-BALLS

                         INDESCRIBABLE  HORROR,  FIRE-BALLS  POINT

                 ON  EYEWITNESS

                         FIERY  BALLS  FLEW   WITH   FREEZING  SHOWER   HOWL

                         FIRE-BALLS  were  INFLICTED  by  MORE  THAN  16  SHOTS   SOFTWARE

                  TO  THE  HILLOCK   WITH  CEMETERY


               Super  information  in  packages 

                  Unique  information:  How  to  be  delivered  from  a  piles   

              and  to  recover  itself  by  energy  of  biofield.

                   Road  in  the  parallel  world.  How  to  catch  large  chub

              and  pike  in  summer.  And,  main,  it  is  intercourse  at  the

              level  of  information   biofields

                   Here,  on  Maps  Google,  marks  are  put  into  places

               where  basic  events  were  described  thereon

               site.  It  is  pages  from  Maps  Google  to  Maps  Google -4,

               you  will  look  over  them


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