Biofield energy


We correct  a biofield  and  restore    the energy  after  the attack  of vampires.    

Such  adjustment  results  in  disappearance  of piles!                          - Nmatveich




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                                     Information  of  biofield

                         -  to itself    extrasensory individual

                  The «informative  scope»  will help  you  find

                   people  with  potential  of extrasensory individual

                         Know,  how  to correct    the power  biofield,

                   simply  looking  over itself  on  the TV screen

                         The repeated  correction   information  of biofield  resulted 

                   to the side  effect  -  disappearance  of piles

                         Know   two  methods  for  communication  on  level

                   information  of biofield                                                                              

                         We correct  and  restore  itself  after  attacks

                   power  vampires                                                

                         All  of it  gives  us  information  of biofield  in  a record,  -  it  is

                   fantastic  in  your  house



          I  came  to  understanding    that  it is possible  to socialize    with  itself  and  near

  to you  by people  by  information  of biofield,  -  after  verification  of possibility

  information  transfers  through  ether,  from  an extrasensory individual  to  the 


        Carried  out verification  through  an informative  scope.  (By the way,  it  very much

   It  is  simple  make .)  During  a transmission  on  the television set  of session  of 

  extrasensory  individuL,  I  brought  a scope  to  the screen  and  a scope 

 followed    by an extrasensory individual,  at  moving

  that  on  a screen.  On  people,  with  ordinary  for  majority  energy,  scope  not

  specifies.  Bole  that,  I  found out  that  a scope  specified  on  authentic  surveys

  power  UFO,  -  a scope  follows    by UFO,  when  it  moves   on

  the screen.  All  of it  specified  on    that  information  of the field  energy  reeves

 through  ether     saved  on  a video camera  and  on  a videotape recorder.

        For  the first  method  (for  me  them  two)  of this  information  appeared  sufficiently.

  I  understood  that  it is possible  to write  down information    of the biofield,  on 

  cassette  tape recorder,  using  a copper  network for this purpose .  Then,  to reproduce    

  a  record  and  to translate  it  on  itself,  using  for this purpose  tighter  network.

        Second  method,  it  socializing  with  itself  and  with    the near  people,  way

  viewing  of video.  How  to do  such  the video  record,  that  it became  possible

  to communicate  at the level of  information  from  a biofield  in the moment of  see  into 

  vidio,  to  me  helped  to understand,  all that,  informative  scope.

        Once,  I  looked  a film  in  a record,  on  video.  Somewhere,  to  the middle  of film,

  I  had  a sharp  desire  to take  in  hands  an informative  scope  and

  to bring  it  to  the TV screen .  My  subconsciousness  reacted  on

  demagnetization  of screen.  It  takes place,  when  on  the screen  present

  energy   is able  to carry  information.

        I,  winded  off a record  back,  included  and  brought  a scope  to  the screen.  Scope

  reacted  on  the source  of light  from  a lantern.  I  understood at this juncture,  where  it 

  is  possible  to use  this  phenomenon.  I  found out further,  through  a that    scope,

  what  spectrum  of light  is needed   for  this  business.  To know  about  this  technology, 

  you can  on  other  my  web pages.  Doing  such  video,  you  will be able,  in

  any  moment,  to avail  self  take  off depression,  recover  forces,

  because  information  of energy  of your  biofield,  in the moment of  viewing,

  will  be corrected.  And  all  that    is needed  to  do,  it  jot  down  self,

 in moment when  you  are full    life-breaths.  Then,  use  how many  want

  and  at any time.  Do  such  records  and,  you,   not  will  be  afraid of attacks

  power  vampires,  because,  you,  had  to  do  recover    the forces  in  exact

  moment.  Think,  that  boxer  Kostya  Dzyu,    would not lose    a fight,  after  a visit,

  by a competitor,  his  locker rooms  before  a fight.  For  the correction  of biofield,  first

  by a method,  seven  minutes are enough .  Do  it  and  fantasy  will come  in  your


        Once,  I,  a side  effect noticed .  A week  reeved  in  tense

  to work,  I  felt    devastated  and  broken,  and,  began  to show

  itself  piles.  I  subjected    the field  of correction  and,  on  other  day,  discovered,

  that  a piles  calmed down for  me .  After  this  case,  I  began  to subject  itself

  corrections  at  his  renewal  and,  in course of time,  piles  left  off me

  to disturb  quite.

        Similarly,  in course of time,  I  found  out  another  side  effect.  It is impossible

  to apply  a correction  since  you  will hammer  together a temperature,  accepting

  aspirin.  Your  organism  will begin    to fight  for  life  independently  and  will lift

  temperature.  It turns out  that  it is possible  to apply to  the reception  of aspirin,  and  

  after  reception  it is impossible.

        The best  of all to conduct  the correction  of biofield  when  a weather  will be spoilt  - 

  it,  will help  to avoid  a cold.  But,  will repeat once again,  that  it,  just,

  side  effects.  Mainly,  correction  of information    of the biofield  and

  advanced  intercourse,  on  vidio,  with  near  you  people.  Think,  to see

  appearance  which  carries  information  of living  man,  it  more than  nothing.  


        Pages,  where  it is explained  how  “make”  and  how  to “use”,  are sent

  after  preliminary  payment.  Information  about  prices  and  ways  of realization,

  you know  on  a next  page.  If  you  need  things  which  you  knew about,


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 Unbelievable  things

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                                UFO  motor

                                    (Perpetual  motion)

                An  engine  is  presented  as  a  game  for  assembling  from

                 prepared  details,  therefore,  "Lego  of  UFO  is  adopted ". In  the total,

                  you  will  collect  the  construction  maximally  simplified  working

                 with  potential  of enormous  power,  that  will allow  to  provide,

                 not  only  itself,  consumable  electric  power!

                       This  unbelievable  on  simplicity  and  power  engine

                 for  UFO,  I  named  "Flight  defiant"


                        We correct  a biofield  


                          Know,  how  to  correct  the  power  biofield,

                   simply  looking  over  itself  on  the TV screen

                          The  repeated  correction  of  information  of  biofield  resulted  to  in

                    to  the side  effect  -  disappearance  of piles

                          Know  intercourses  about  two  surprisings  methods,  at  level

                    to  information  of  biofield                                                                               

                         We  correct  and  restore  itself  after  attacks

                    power  vampires                                                

                          All  of  it  gives  us  information  of  biofield  in  a record,  -  it

                    fantasy  is in  your  house


                        Search  of sorcerer

                    It  «informative  scope»  for  the  search  of  extrasensory

               individual  and  sorcerer  on  the  TV  screen

                    Unique  possibility: check  itself  for  extrasensory


                     A power  scope  can  define  UFO  on  authenticity  -

                it  is  enough  to  bring  it  to  the  TV  screen

                      Kashpirovskiy  and  Chumak  can  be reconciled  after  verification,

                on  extrasensory  capabilities,   by  this  informative  scope


                      DEVILISH  WORK  FOR    FIRE-BALLS

                         INDESCRIBABLE  HORROR,  FIRE-BALLS  POINT

                 ON  EYEWITNESS

                         FIERY  BALLS  FLEW   WITH   FREEZING  SHOWER   HOWL

                         FIRE-BALLS  were  INFLICTED  by  MORE  THAN  16  SHOTS   SOFTWARE

                  TO  THE  HILLOCK   WITH  CEMETERY


               Super  information  in  packages 

                  Unique  information:  How  to  be  delivered  from  a  piles   

              and  to  recover  itself  by  energy  of  biofield.

                   Road  in  the  parallel  world.  How  to  catch  large  chub

              and  pike  in  summer.  And,  main,  it  is  intercourse  at  the

              level  of  information   biofields

                   Here,  on  Maps  Google,  marks  are  put  into  places

               where  basic  events  were  described  thereon

               site.  It  is  pages  from  Maps  Google  to  Maps  Google -4,

               you  will  look  over  them

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