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Context of the iPad Pilot Project (iP3) at NLU: More than 600 school districts in America have brought iPads into the classroom. In 2011 alone, Apple sold a grand total of 156 million iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). The impact on education is impossible to predict, but it is already happening as schools and districts increasingly adopt these new devices as instructional tools. The potential for differentiating teaching and learning is immense. In the NLU Elementary Education program, several faculty are exploring how to use these devices in their teaching for a Fall 2012 cohort on the Lisle campus.

Mission: We are exploring the use of the iPad to teach our Teacher candidates how to:

o   use it to learn.

o   use it to teach in a 21st century school.

This means learning how to incorporate iPads into our teaching in a seamless manner that doesn't divert students from the stated learning objectives of our courses and program.

In the process, we can also be researchers and work with the students to assess the role these tablets have on teaching and learning.

In a broad view, we are investigating the concept of mobile computing and how it fits into our lives and the lives of our students. We are fully aware that multiple options exist on the market today for tablets and mobile devices. It is important that our students be familiar with this concept and the iPad is an easy choice given the enormous number of educational apps that are currently available.

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