Thesis Advisor:  Prof. C. Allin Cornell

Program:  Civil Engineering

Professional Positions

United States Geological Survey, Research Structural Engineer, 2004 - Present

  • Co-Chief of Engineering Risk Assessment Project, 10/2008 - Present
  • Engineer on Seismic Hazard & Risk Analysis for Southeast Asia Project, 10/2006 - 9/2007
  • Milestone Leader for Review of Earthquake Hazards Program by White House OMB, 10/2005 - 9/2006 & 10/2007 - 9/2008
  • P.I. for Geology Discipline Venture Capital Fund Project entitled "National Seismic Risk Maps," 3/2005 - 9/2005
  • P.I. for Review of Performance-Based Approach to Determining the SSE Ground Motion for USNRC, 11/2004 - 1/2006

AIR Worldwide Corporation, Senior Analysis Engineer, 2001 - 2004

Stanford University, Research Assistant, 1997 - 2001


Research Areas

  • Consequences of fractures of beam-column connections in steel buildings ("Fractures")

External Leadership

  • ASCE, Associate Member of ASCE/SEI Standards Committee on Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Structures, 7/2010 - Present
  • ASCE, Voting Member of ASCE/SEI 7-15/16 Standard Seismic Subcommittee (& TC-1), 6/2010 - Present
  • ASCE, Voting Member of ASCE/SEI 7-10 Standard Seismic Subcommittee (+ Ad-Hoc Ground Motion Committee & TC-1), 10/2007 - 5/2010

Collaborative Projects

  • "Developing Damage Potential Indicators through Coupling Intrinsic Mode Functions and Structural Characteristics for Improvement in Synthetic Ground Motion Generation: Collaborative Research with USGS," P.I. = John van de Lindt, Colorado State University, 2009
  • "Establishing Maximum Spectral Demand for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering: Collaborative Research with the University of Buffalo and the USGS," P.I. = Andrew Whittaker, University of Buffalo, 2008
  • "A Decision Support Tool for Open Risk Assessment Software: Collaborative Research with Johns Hopkins University and USGS," P.I. = Judith Mitrani-Reiser, Johns Hopkins University, 2008
  • "Multidirectional Seismic Evaluation Effects in Building Response Estimation: Collaborative Research with USGS (Dr. Nicolas Luco) and AIR," P.I. = Paolo Bazzurro, AIR Worldwide Corporation, 2006
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Professional Service

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