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Scout Account Guidelines

Individual scout accounts are available for use by members of Troop 49. Both scouts and adult leaders may have their own, or family, accounts.

Money can be credited to individual accounts in several ways:

· Earnings from Troop 49 fundraising efforts

· Transfers from other Troops (new scouts & leaders only)

· Payments made directly by scouts/parents/leaders

Withdrawals from individual accounts may be made by the following format:

· A request must be made prior to the need for funds. This will normally be done at the monthly Troop Committee meeting.

· The request must be for an item on the “Eligible Items List”.

· All withdrawals must be approved by the scout’s parents.

· There must be funds in the account to cover the request. It is the responsibility of the scout to verify account status. The Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Treasurer will have account information available at Troop meetings.

· After approval of the disbursement of funds, the purchase may be made. All receipts (a photocopy is acceptable) must be turned in to the Troop Treasurer in order to be reimbursed. A check will be issued after all receipts have been turned in.


“A List” items are either reimbursed or transferred from the individual account at full value. The Troop Committee does not need to approve the expenditure prior to the reimbursement or transfer.

· Campout fees (a request of the Troop Committee does not need to be made).

· Troop activities (a request of the Troop Committee does not need to be made).

· Troop summer camp / high adventure fees (initial deposit for these items must be paid “out of pocket” by the scout/leader prior to becoming an eligible item).

· Official scout uniforms.

· Troop weekly dues (will be deducted from account when behind by more than 30 days).

· Troop 49 items (t-shirts, hats, mugs, jackets, neckerchiefs, etc.).

· Rainbow Council high adventure fees.


“B List” items are considered anything scout or camping related (i.e., see the Gear List) the purchase of which are subject to the approval of the Troop Committee and must be approved prior to the expenditure.