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Rules of Conduct

In addition to the Scout Oath and Law, the following describes the rules of behavior for the youth and adult members, including parents, of Troop 49.  Any new scout joining the Troop is expected to sign this agreement, indicating that he will conduct himself in an appropriate manner.


The goal of the Troop is to help each scout develop into an adult who will be a valuable member of our society.  Making a commitment, and holding to it is a critical part of their development.  Please review this form, sign it, and return it to the Scoutmaster.  This form must be signed and returned prior to participation in any Troop 49 activity.




1.         All adult members of the Troop will be addressed properly as Mr. / Mrs.              .

2.         Possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is not permitted. (see 15).

3.         Possessing or making swords, spears, nunchuks, whips, squirt guns, or other weapons is not permitted.  Sheath knives are not allowed, all knives (non-kitchen) that are carried must be “folding knives” that fit in the palm of the users hand.

4.         Vandalism and stealing is not permitted.

5.         Name calling or swearing is not permitted.

6.         Touching, hitting, tripping, fighting, etc. is not permitted – except as part of a game.

7.         Touching or taking another person’s gear is not permitted, unless it is offered by that person.

8.         Playing with fire sticks (sticks taken from the fire) is not permitted.

9.         Buying food or drinks is not permitted while on campouts. Only food provided by the Troop or bought by the Patrols is permitted.  Pop is not recommended as a campout drink.

10.        No electronic entertainment devices (walkmans, game boys, radios, etc.) are allowed on Troop 49 events.  Any devices found in a scout’s possession will be confiscated.

11.        Games – Magic, cards, board games, etc. can only be played with approval of the Scoutmaster or adult leader in charge.

12.        Only the Quartermaster (scout & adult) or their designee, are permitted to remove equipment from the Troop trailer.

13.        Quiet time / lights out is 11:00 p.m.  Lights out means that all scouts are in their tents, all lights are out, and they are quiet.  The Scoutmaster or adult leader in charge can only make exceptions.

14.        Care of Troop equipment – any scout or adult, who abuses Troop equipment, will be required to pay to repair or replace the equipment.

15.        Adults that smoke are not allowed to smoke in the presence of scouts.




A minimum of two adults will discuss the offense with the scout / adult and review the correct behavior.  The scout / adult may be sent home immediately, or the Troop Committee may review the incident and determine if additional action is required.




CLASS “A” uniform for Troop 49 will consist of a Boy Scout shirt with all patches and emblems correctly displayed, a Boy Scout belt, a Boy Scout hat, and jeans, hiking shorts or scout pants in good condition.  The uniform must be worn properly – shirt buttoned and tucked in, hat worn properly, etc.  Chains, gym shorts, sweat pants, fish nets and other inappropriate attire is not part of the Boy Scout uniform.  Only approved long-sleeved garments (red sweatshirts or turtlenecks) may be worn under the short-sleeve uniform shirt.


CLASS “B” uniform can consist of any type of Boy Scout t-shirt, or any approved garment.


CLASS “A” uniform must be worn during all travel to and from Scout activities, to Troop meetings, Boards of Review, Courts of Honor, parades and other specified activities.


CLASS “B” uniform can be worn during summer Troop meetings and other specified activities.




Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class Ranks:  a Scout is expected to participate in a minimum of 50% of Troop meetings, service projects, Scout Shows, parades, campouts, etc.  Participation requirements will be used as advancement guidelines.


Star, Life and Eagle Ranks:  a Scout is expected to participate in a minimum of 66% of Troop meetings, service projects, Scout Shows, parades, campouts, etc.  Participation requirements will be used as advancement guidelines.


There may be instances when special participation requirements are needed (High Adventure Trips, etc.).  In these special cases, the requirements will be made known to Troop members, and will be monitored by the Scoutmaster, as well as members of the activity planning committee.


Scouts are expected to participate in ALL Troop fundraising efforts.  Required fundraising events are the Annual Pancake Breakfast, Rainbow Council Popcorn Sale & the Christmas Wreath Sale.  Minimum requirements & buyout information is given at the start of each fundraising event.




The Troop Committee has the responsibility to review and approve all adult and youth applicants for enrollment into Troop 49, BSA.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Troop 49, BSA