Gear List

All you will need to enjoy your first campout is your personal gear (which should include a sleeping bag, a mess kit - plate/bowl, cup and eating utensils). Generally there is nothing you need to buy. Scouts are required to use the tents provided by the Troop. Adults can use Troop tents or their own tents (most adults in the Troop prefer to use their own tents). All pots, pans, stoves, lanterns, cleaning and other camp supplies are provided by and maintained by the Troop. The Gear List below is a guide for those who might want to shop for some additional personal gear or clothing. Troop t-shirts and hats are available for purchase at various Troop meetings.


(these are ideas only – not requirements)


Camping Gear


Backpack or Fanny Pack


Board Games

Camera with Extra Batteries or Disposable Cameras

Camp Hammer with Stake Pull*

Canteen/Water Bottle


Clothesline and Clothespins



Ear Plugs

Emergency Space Blanket

Emergency weather radio

First Aid Kit

Fishing Supplies - Including Bucket, Tackle, Poles, Bait Fishing License*


Glow Sticks

Ground Roll

Knife Sharpener

Lantern for personal use (battery powered only)

Mosquito Netting


Playing Cards

Pocket Knife**

Raingear - always assume it WILL rain


Scout Handbook

Sewing Kit

Signal Mirror

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping pad


Suntan Lotion

Tarp to Place Under Tent*



Tools/multi-tool (“Leatherman”) **


Waterproof Matches or Lighter***



Summer Camping



Bathing Suit

Extra underwear

Flip flops for the beach, lake and camp shower

Hat for sun protection

Hiking boots – Spray with water repellant solution

Insect repellant

Loose fitting long pajamas for cold nights

Rain poncho – always assume it will rain.

Scout shirts – Class A and B

Shorts and long pants

Socks up to the knee to fight ticks and poison ivy

Sweat pants

Sweat shirts with hoods for cold nights

Tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts

Tennis shoes



Winter and Cold Weather Camping


Gloves or mittens


Coat made for cold weather, water proof, big enough to fit over your extra clothing without being tight, with hood to protect neck from cold and snow


Extra clothing so you can change often, especially in wet weather


Knit hat and ski mask


Long Underwear - Gore-tex, wool or polypropylene


Never jeans or cotton


Loose clothing for layering. Gore-tex, wool and polypropylene


Rubber over-boots




Thinner wicking socks, then wool socks for layering



*These items are generally for adults only. Scouts sleep in Troop provided tents. Adults like to use cots.
**A scout must have earned and be in possession of his Totin’ Chip before he may possess or use any knife or tools with knives on them.
***A scout must have earned and be in possession of his Firem’n Chit before he may possess or use any lighters or matches.