The Troop’s primary fundraisers are the annual pancake breakfast (March) and popcorn (Aug-Oct). Participation at these fundraisers is mandatory. Below are the Troop’s current guidelines for fundraising.

Pancake Breakfast

Scouts earn $0.00 per ticket for the first 10 tickets sold. Tickets 11-20 sold, Scout earns $1.00 per ticket.  Any tickets sold over 20, the scout earns $2.00 per ticket, deposited to his scout account. Funds generated from the bake sale will be divided equally among all scouts participating in the bake sale (i.e., you must bring something for the bake sale). After the money is subtracted for the scout ticket sales commissions (i.e., $1 or $2 per ticket as above), the remaining funds less expenses are divided between the Troop and the scouts on a 50%/50% basis, with 50% going to the general Troop funds and 50% to be divided among the scouts based on total hours worked at the pancake breakfast. Adults can work the breakfast also to earn money for their scout accounts.


Each scout must sell $300 in popcorn which nets about $99 to the Troop. This is intended to cover the costs of the scouts re-charter. The net profit on any sales in excess of $300 is credited to the seller’s scout account. For example, if a scout sells $600 in popcorn, then $50 goes to the Troop and $148 goes to the scout’s account ($600 x 0.33 = $198 - $50 = $148).  Council has changed the popcorn vendor from Pecatonica River to Trail's End effective in 2012.  The prizes are from High Adventure.  Each scout can receive 1 prize.  They can choose a prize up to what they sold on even a lesser prize.  Only 1 prize and patch per scout who sells popcorn.  Visit