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Song Writing Unit

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Students are presently working on their NL CD cover designs.

Unit 4 Work Centres

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Newfoundland Studies 2205 – Unit 4 Influence of the Land


Complete the following six workstations as outlined below.


Workstation #1 – Significance of Event Case Study


Read the Case Study – Significance of Events on pages 292-299. Using the table provided, assess the significance of each of the 6 events outlined.


Workstation #2 – Mining Map Assignment + Questions


Using the provided map of Newfoundland, map the locations as outlined on your assignment.


When you’re done, answer the three assigned questions using your textbook; pages 300-307.


Workstation #3 – Early 20th Century Loggers in Newfoundland Questions & Letter Activity


Using the following website,, answer all of the provided questions.


When you’re done, complete the Letter Writing Activity .


Workstation #4 – Mining Crossword


Use the following website to solve the Mining Crossword.


Workstation #5 – Land and Sea + Questions Activity #1


Using the following website, watch the Land and Sea Episode – What They’ll Leave Behind, and answer the related questions.


When you’re done, read pages 324-327 of your textbook and answer the questions the three questions provided.


Workstation #6 - Land and Sea  + Short Answer Question


Using the following website, watch the Land and Sea Episode – Southern Shore Sri Lankans, and answer the related questions.


When you’re done, answer the short answer question provided. 

Crossword and Hangman Activity

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Cartoon Story

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Students will complete the following assignment.


Peopling The Land Part Two

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Work Center One – European Migratory Fishery Webquest

            Complete the webquest found in your folder. Type your answers in a well organized document.

Work Center Two – Venn Diagram Comparing French, English and Basque Fisheries

            Using the textbook, complete the Venn diagram provided comparing the three fisheries.

Work Center Three – Basque Whaling Crossword Puzzle

Complete the crossword puzzle based on the following reading:

Work Center Four – Questions from Text

            p. 143 # 2

            p. 149 # 1 & 2

Work Center Five - Early Aboriginal-European Relationships Worksheet

Complete the worksheet comparing the relationship between the different aboriginal groups and the early Europeans in NL.  The online link to the textbook is:

Work Center Six – Newfoundland Names

Using the Dictionary of NL Names, find your last name and plot the locations and dates of its occurences on the map of NL.  If your name has more than 5 locations associated with it, you can choose 5.  If your last name does not occur in the dictionary, you may pick a common NL name, such as Murphy, O’Reilly, Pritchett, Boone, etc. 

Peopling the Land - Topics 2.1-2.3

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Students will complete the objectives for this unit by visiting a series of work centers and completing the associated activities.

Work Center One - Vocabulary Crossword
    Using the textbook, students will complete the crossword puzzle provided.

Work Center Two - Games and Activities
    Students will log in to a computer and navigate to the following site - Once there they will complete the six different games and call the teacher to check off the completion of each game once it is done.

Work Center Three - Map Activities
    Students will be provided with three (3) blank maps and complete the following:

        1. Blank Map of the World
                a. Label the continents (7)
                b. Label the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
                c. Label Siberia and Alaska

        2. Blank Map of Canada
                a. Label the provinces
                b. Label the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, and Atlantic Ocean
                c. Use this site to label the main native groups and locations in Canada (

        3. Blank Map of Newfoundland and Labrador
                a. Label the main bodies of water
                b. label the peninsulas
                c. Indicate where the four main aboriginal groups settled (Innu, Inuit, Beothuk, Mi'kmaq)

Work Center Four - Video Activity
    Watch the video provided and complete the question sheet included.

Work Center Five - Chart Activity
    Using the online textbook, students will complete the provided worksheet on the four main aboriginal groups for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Work Center 6 - Questions from Text
    Students will type up an organized set of responses to the following questions from the text.

                a. Page 113 #'s 2 and 4
                b. Page 119 #'s 1 and 3

Storytelling Activity Two

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Pourquoi Tales and Fables

Each student has been given short fable that they must illustrate in a foldable storybook. Once the story is illustrated, they will have to practice telling the story to at least two other students. Then they will have to recite the story to the teacher without the use of any materials.  The story is being graded on completion for the illustrated book and marks will be deducted for the re-telling if significant details are left out.

Storytelling Activity One

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Students will select a fable, fairy tale, or piece of folklore and re-write it with an emphasis on changing the details to reflect Newfoundland culture.  They will then take this story and create a digital storybook using Photo Story 3 for Windows. A sheet explaining the activity is located in the Important Downloads section of this site.

Instructions for submitting the assignment:

Unit One Test Review

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Day 1: Go to the following website and complete the sheet handed out in class. A copy of the sheet is located in the important downloads section if you wish to finish the activity on your own as part of your review.
Navigate through each Topic (1.1 - 1.9) and under Student Resources, click on the textbook extract (pdf).
Read each chapter and complete the handout.
Day 2:  Open each set of notes contained in the Important Downloads section numbered 1.1 - 1.9 and read through the material.  If helpful, create your own set of definitions based on what you are reviewing.

Unit One Test

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Test Date - November 18th, 2011

All notes for Unit One can be found in the Important Downloads section.

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