Natural Language Processing Research Group @ University of Liverpool

The purposes of this research group are three-fold:
a) read a textbook on NLP/ML and present it 
b) read a research paper on NLP/ML and present it
c) present your own research.
We will use this site to maintain the schedule and upload slides after each presentation.

We usually meet
    Fridays 10:00-11:00 Room 2.08/1.01 Ashton Building second floor. (except on 4/20 we will meet EEE 5.07)

Paper presentation schedule

 Date      Speaker  Paper     Slides
 11/03/2016  Danushka  Hello research world! (introduction to research, not a paper presentation)  PDF
 30/03/2016  Angrosh  Can I Hear You? Sentiment Analysis on Medical Forums  PDF
 06/04/2016  Danushka  Learning Word Representations from Scarce and Noisy Data with Embedding Subspaces  PDF
 13/04/2016  Huda  Evaluation of Simple Distributional Compositional Operations on Longer Texts   PDF
 20/04/2016 Pavithra A Joint Segmentation and Classification Framework for Sentiment Analysis  PDF
 27/04/2016 Mohammed

Deep Multilingual Correlation for Improved Word Embeddings

 10/5/2016 Xia  Aligning Sentences from Standard Wikipedia to Simple Wikipedia  PDF
 18/5/2016 Danushka  Learning Word Representations by Jointly Modeling Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Relations  PDF
 25/5/2016  Huda  Nothing like Good Old Frequency: Studying Context Filters for Distributional Thesauri   PDF
 02/06/2016  Angrosh  Classifying Message Board Posts with an Extracted Lexicon of Patient Attributes  
 08/06/2016  Pavithra  Learning to Distinguish Hypernyms and Co-Hyponyms  PDF
 22/06/2016 Mohammed  Word Embedding-based Antonym Detection using Thesauri and Distributional Information  PDF        
 29/06/2016  Xia Explaining the Stars: Weighted Multiple-Instance Learning for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis  PDF
 06/07/2016  Danushka  skip-thought vectors  PDF
 13/07/2016  Danushka  Learning Distributed Representations of Sentences from Unlabelled Data     PDF
 20/07/2016  Gemala  A Sentiment-Aligned Topic Model for Product Aspect Rating Prediction  PDF
 03/08/2016  Angrosh  Long-Distance Time-Event Relation Extraction  
 10/08/2016  Mohammed Learning to Explain Entity Relationships in Knowledge Graphs
 07/09/2016  Xia  Importance Weighting and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of POS taggers: A Negative Result
 21/09/2016  Mohammed Issues in evaluating semantic spaces using word analogies  PDF
 28/09/2016  Huda Take and Took, Gaggle and Goose, Book and Read: Evaluating the Utility of Vector Differences for Lexical Relation Learning  Paper
 05/10/2016    Danushka  A Compositional and Interpretable Semantic Space  slides
 12/10/2016  Pavithra  Learning to Solve Arithmetic Word Problems with Verb Categorization  
26/10/2016   Xia  A Hassle-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Method Using Instance Similarity Features  PDF
 02/11/2016  Angrosh  Tables as Semi-structured Knowledge for Question Answering  PDF
 16/11/2016  Daisy  Literal and Metaphorical Sense Identification through Concrete and Abstract Context  PDF
 09/01/2017  Mohammed  Positive Unlabelled Learning for Deceptive Reviews Detection   Paper
 16/01/2017  Danushka  A simple but tough-to-beat baseline for sentence embeddings  slides
 23/01/2017  Huda  Convolutional Neural Network for Sentence Classification  slides
 30/01/2017  Pavithra  A convolution kernel approach to identifying comparisons in text   PDF
 06/02/2017  Xia  Event Detection and Domain Adaptation with Convolutional Neural Networks  PDF
 13/02/2017  Angrosh  A Supervised Approach for Enriching the Relational Structure of Frame Semantics in FrameNet  PDF
 20/02/2017  Daisy  Inferring Psucholinguistic Properties of Words  PDF
 27/02/2017  Mohammed  Exploring Semantic Representation in Brain Activity Using Word Embeddings  Paper
 06/03/2017  Danushka  Generative Adversarial Networks  slides
 13/03/2017     Huda  Composing Distributed Representations of Relational Patterns  Paper
 20/03/2017  Pavithra  Efficient, Compositional, Order-Sensitive n-gram Embeddings  
 27/03/2017  Xia  Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge
 15/05/2017  Angrosh    
 22/05/2017  Danushka  Adversarial Training for Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction (ACL-17)  PDF
 05/06/2017  Mohammed  Inducing Embeddings for Rare and Unseen Words by Leveraging Lexical Resources (EACL-17)  PDF
 17/07/2017  Angrosh  Attention-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Relation Extraction  PDF
 03/07/2017  Pavithra  Deep memory networks for attitude identification  
 10/07/2017  Xia  Frustratingly Easy Neural Domain Adaptation  PDF
 17/07/2017  Joshua  Multimodal Word Distributions (ACL-17)  PDF
 15/01/2018  Danushka  Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings  
 02/02  Huda  Dual Tensor Model for Detecting Asymmetric Lexico-Semantic Relations   PDF
 16/02  Pavithra  Why and How to Pay Different Attention to Phrase Alignments of Different Intensities  
 23/02  Xia  Single and Cross-domain Polarity Classification using String Kernels  PDF
 13/04  Huda  Distributional Hypernym Generation by Jointly Learning Clusters and Projections  PDF
 20/04  Angrosh  Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction via Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks  PDF
 15 JuneJames    
 22 June  Mohammed  A Rank-Based Similarity Metric for Word Embeddings  PDF
 29 June Xia  
 06 July Pavithra  
 13 July Huda  
 20 July Danushka  
 27 July Angrosh  

Book presentation schedule

We will be using FSNLP as the textbook.

 Date      Speaker    Chapter   Slides 
 23-03-2016  Danushka  Chapter 1  Introduction  PDF
 30-03-2016  Danushka  Chapter 2 Sec 2.1 Probability Theory  PDF
 06/04/2016  Huda  Chapter 2 Sec 2.2 Information Theory  PDF
 13/04/2016  Danushka  Chapter 3 Linguistic essentials  PDF
 20/04/2016  Mohammed  Chapter 4 Corpus-based work  PDF
 27/04/2016  Danushka  Chapter 5 Collocations  PDF
 10/5/2016  Danushka  Chapter 6 Statistical inference   PDF
 18/05/2016  Angrosh  Chapter 7 Word sense disambiguation Sec 7.1 and 7.2  PDF
 25/05/2016  Angrosh  Chapter 7 Word sense disambiguation remaining sections  
 02/06/2016  Pavithra  Chapter 8 Lexical acquisition  PDF
 08/06/2016  Angrosh  Chapter 9 Markov models  
 22/06/2016  Pavithra  Chapter 10 POS tagging  PDF
 27/07/2016  Danushka  Chapter 11 Probabilistic context free grammars  PDF
 03/08/2016  Danushka  Chapter 12 Probabilistic parsing  PDF
 10/08/2016  Xia  Chapter 13 Machine translation  PDF
 31/08/2016  Mohammed  Chapter 14 Clustering   PDF
 17/08/2016  Huda  Chapter 15 Information retrieval Sec 15.1 to 15.3  PDF
24 /08/2016  Danushka  Chapter 15 remaining sections  PDF
 07/09/2016  Pavithra  Chapter 16 Text categorisation  

Deep Learning Book

We will be using the Deep Learning textbook by Ian Goodfellow available from here
 Date       Speaker  Chapter   slides
 13/03  Danushka  Deep feed forward networks  PDF
15/05  Huda  Regularisation for deep learning  PDF
 24/04 Josh  Optimising for training for deep models  PDF
 22/5  Mohammed  Convolutional networks  PDF
 5/6 Angrosh  Sequence modelling: recursive and recurrent nets  
 3/7  Danushka  Practical methodology  PDF
 19/06  Xia
 Applications  PDF
 24/07  Xia  Linear factor models  PDF
 31/07  Xia  Autoencoders  PDF
 24/07  Mohammed  Representation learning  PDF
 31/07  Danushka     Structured probabilistic models for deep learning  PDF
 07/08  Danushka  Monte Carlo Methods  PDF
 15/08  Danushka  Confronting the partitioning function PDF
22/08 Danushka Approximate inference  
 29/08  Mohammed  Deep Generative Models  

Research talks

 Date    Speaker  Slides/Topic 
 23/03/2016   Danushka   ACL-16 submissions
 30/03/2016  Huda A Classification Approach for Detecting Cross-Lingual Biomedical Term Translation

 06/04/2016  Mohammed  AAAI-16 Joint Word Representation Learning using a Corpus and a Semantic Lexicon
 20/04/2016  David
BSC final year project presentation
 27/04/2016  Pavithra  Second year postgraduate talk
 10/5/2016  Angrosh  
 06/07/2016  Xia COLING-2016 A Comparative Study of Pivot Selection Methods for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
 24/08/2016    Pavithra  ACL update
 07/09/2016  Danushka    Co-embedding of Word Emeddings
 09/11/2016  Huda+Mohamed  First year presentations
 16/11/2016  Angrosh  Journal paper on combining frames and dependencies
 23/11/2016    Xia  First year presentations
 30/11/2016    Danushka  Journal paper on Interpreting word embeddings
 15/05/2018    Danushka     k-way embeddings
 19/06/2018    Danushka         
Meta Embedding Learning 
 15/01/2018  Danushka  Query annonymisation using Word Embeddings
 16/03/2018  James A Review of 2017 NLP Research
 04/05/2018  Joshua      NAACL-HLT paper on meta-embedding
 11/05/2018  Xia  *SEM paper on CP decomposition
 18/05/2018 Pavithra NAACL-HLT paper on argumentation
 25/05/2018 Krasen *SEM paper on Neural Salience Scores

List of suggested papers

Paper voting