What is NLP Modeling?

Capture of Genius skills/abilities/capabiilities that is there in humanity today for Posterity.

Several human beings choose to excel in certain areas, skills, modalities by virtue of "God given gift" or sheer practise or other factors. Their excellence in their fields gives them the title genius or exemplar.

Excellence has certain qualities about it, first it is unconscious competence, i.e, the genius excels in his area, without 'thinking' about it, for e.g once you have learnt to drive a car well and drive it for a period of time, then you no longer think about how to drive, your circuits just fire when you touch the steering wheel and you can even be engaged in other thought processes and still drive beautifully.

Traditional form of Modeling which could also be called as Analytic Modeling, is where we study the genius and apply our thinking, our perceptions and come to our understandings about their Model of the world and how we suppose they must be operating from in order to be able to produce the results they do. This is quite a valuable tool and in the corporate world it is could be seen best in the form of "best practices modeling".

However interestingly as Human beings we can bypass our conscious mind and using our unconscious mind assimilate the genius through the same mechanism that enables all of humanity to learn their mother tongue from parents (who are technically not trained to teach a language!). We call that unconscious to unconscious assimilation, where for a lack of better words to explain it, state that by copying the person, mimicking the other person's actions/gestures/movements consistently over a period of time, we are able to download the neurological structures that they have built in them into us directly, to be able to produce the same result that they are able to do without understanding/thinking or technically 'learning the classic way'.

The ability to assimilate from the Unconscious to Unconscious is corrupted from the time we learn our mother tongue because thinkingness sets is and thereafter assimilation is less than what it could be. By a variety of manoeveurs a Modeler learns to induce in him trance states that allows him to go into a peak osmosis state, a naive baby like innocence if you may say so, that brings three characteristics - a relaxed body, absence of internal dialogue and peripheral vision, whereby their ability to assimilate is the highest. This can be easily accomplished in a day's training.

The challenge lies in being able to assimilate only the skill and not any other neurological structures or patterns that is there in the Genius. For e.g. if you are modeling somebody who has a phenomenal ability to pick the right stocks in the market which consistently outperforms the sensex, and the same person has asthma or diabetes, you are going to find funny things happen to your breathing or your sugar levels as your ability to pick stocks increases.

We overcome the challenge by setting up unconscious filters and are constantly working on it to ensure that it does least interference to the assimilation and maximum blockage to any unwanted stuff that is coming in. The training for this can only be done on the job by engaging as an apprentice in a live modeling project.

Thereafter once the modeler is able to replicate the same kind of results that the exemplar/genius is able to do then the first phase of modeling has come to an end.

The second phase of modeling would be where the modeler then spends time with oneself to create a possible structure , a model of their world that is allowing them to produce the results and put it down in a format that can be used to transfer. This is an iterative process, i.e you keep tweaking your model till your model enables another person to be able to replicate the same set of skills that you are able to do out of modeling the Genius.

The third phase of modeling would be the transfer of this working model to others, interested parties, students, corporates, communities in formats such as training, coaching, distance learning, on the job learning, such that in the shortest possible stretch of time, you are able to transfer the skill sets.

The end outcome is the saving of one of the most precious resources of  human beings, TIME. So in a fraction of the time the genius took to perfect his skills, you are able to download it into your system, make a model of it and then transfer it successfully.  In a manner of speaking you have captured the genius into a capsule which any person who is so desirous of obtaining can swallow and get the results.

Currently there are very few NLP Modelers out there in the world who do NLP Modeling. Many NLPers who do Modeling have agreed/admitted that bulk of their work is more analytic modeling than pure NLP Modeling. In my opinion a combination of both Analytic modeling and NLP Modeling is extremely useful in any project.

NLP Modeling is an investment of time by a Modeler that allows something to be available for humanity for posterity. It probably is one of the noblest professions in the world.

NLP India, by virtue of Krish's extensive training and researching is desirous of transferring the NLP Modeling skills to various enterprising people in different areas such as Architecture, Politics, Scientific Research, Sports, Healing, Medicine, Arts, Teaching to be able to capture the excellence of geniuses in their fields in India and abroad to be able to allow this country to have access to the finest and the best knowledge that is possible in the world at the fastest span of time.

Contact us if you have a genius that you would like to contract us to model, or if there is a particular field in which you would like to excel at and are struggling to do so. We can help.

Interestingly NLP INDIA is the only institution in the world that teaches all three phases of modeling on the job and is contracted for modeling projects worldwide.

Areas that we have modeled include - 

  • Language Learning
  • Learn Typing in 25 minutes
  • Public Speaking
  • Belief Change
  • Emotional Management
  • Counselling
  • Recovery from Addictions
  • Non-Content Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • People Management Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Stock Market Investment
  • Stress Management 
  • Peak Performance in Sports
  • Fast Reading Skills
  • Rubik Cube solving
  • Financial Freedom
  • Healing
  • Muscle Testing
  • ROI for Training Departments
  • Coaching Skeet Shooters