Learn typing in 25 minutes!

Sounds unbelievable but True!

Krish's mentor in this area Vasudeo Narayan Barve has an accreditation in the Limca Book of Records. Krish found out about him by reading the 1992 edition and was very soon on a train to Bombay to meet & learn from him. In retrospect this was the first modeling project that Krish did, using pure NLP style and did an excellent job of it.

V.N.Barve, a curator in the Byculla museum, out of inspiration on seeing how a typewriter mechanic serviced his typewriter worked on whether if people could learn to type one sentence correctly, could they then download the fingering into their neurology - which is to be able to type the alphabet on the keyboard accurately without seeing it. 

After learning Typing in 25 minutes flat from him and being floored by that, Krish went back several times to Bombay to learn from him and under his mentorship was able to accomplish the same. The following year Krish and Barve co-authored a book on this and had this methodology via this book copyrighted. The book was called TI-90, since the longest it took for over 800 people Krish trained in this method was 90 minutes. That just goes to show that some people can be dyslexic and not be aware of that all their life ;)

Any novice who does not know typing, can learn typing through this in a one to one coaching format in 25 minutes. Thereafter with 10 one hour practice sessions on their own the novice can then can learn to type at a speed of 30 words per minute with an accuracy level of 95% & over.