Accelerated Reading

“All Leaders are Readers” 

If successful people read a book a week, what would it be like if you could read a book a day and with improved comprehension?

We are over burdened and bombarded with massive information every single day. We might find ourselves at times feeing overwhelmed and struggling for quality information to use in our lives. Accelerated reading  is the 21st century approach to learning. Your reading will be less of a burden, more time effective and much more enjoyable. You will have high levels of recall without the effort of reading through piles of information over and over again.

Learn the secrets of  the best reading technology developed till NOW.

It is a completely different approach to absorbing written material. You will discover untapped ocean of resources in your brain. You will no longer be restricted by elementary school reading technology.


The major objectives of the program include the following.

  • Read Faster, Better & Smarter
  • Learn any soft skill just through reading books
  • Enhance your creativity and problem solving ability at work
  • Propel yourself to new levels of personal performance
  • Enhance your personal and professional development
  • Be relaxed yet reading massive amounts of information
  • Avoid being burdened with information-overload
  • Save years & years of hard work in research / study.
  • Feel confident to read and remember key points for presentations, meetings, discussions etc.
  • Gather necessary info. From Magazines & documents in few minutes

“Reading is the only way you can get into another person's mind.” - Anonymous


“I thought I would barely pass in exams. The Accelerated Reading strategies helped me top the University.” - Dr. Sandeep, Medical Practitioner

“My productivity has increased by 300% & salary has gone up by 1½ times. Thank you Krish.” - Nisreen, GM- RMZ Group

“I go through technical manuals in 1/3 the time and this has enhanced my developing ability.” - Project Manager, Large IT Company, Bangalore

“I expected a 'C' in one subject. After using accelerated reading techniques I got an 'A'. This boosted my confidence and I began enjoying reading this subject more & more.” - Priyanka, MBA Student, Duke University

“I discovered an infinite brain-power to gain excellence in my chosen field.” - Kavitha, Teacher, Bangalore

“I can avoid non-purposeful information in life and can learn 10 times faster after this program.” - Sunil, Project Manager, Bangalore

“ I saw how powerfully we can use our brain to learn. This will have a direct impact on my income.” - Ram, Aris Global Software

“These skills helped me improve knowledge that directly impacted my work.” - K.N.Rao, Project Director, Indian Space Research Organization