Welcome to NLP India

NLP India is a training institute committed to offering the latest cutting edge technologies in personal change, growth and transformation.

- The major objectives of NLP India include the following:

- Pioneering and Innovating transformational methodologies

- Transferring the knowledge and skills through high quality pedagogy

- Building Communities around these methodologies that foster research & learning

- Developing high quality coaches, therapists, consultants & trainers

- Sponsoring Research in NLP & transformational methodologies

- Academic Recognition & Integration for NLP & transformation methodologies

IMPORTANT NOTE: The California Court system decreed in 2000 the co-founders of NLP have no sole ownership to the intellectual property rights of NLP and stated categorically that all property rights associated with NLP are false & unlawful. NLP has since then be decreed as Open source knowledge. While we gladly acknowledge all those who participated in the creation of this wonderful material and continue to do so, we continue to acknowledge the open source provenance of NLP as per the US court ruling and applied by the Berne Convention(1886) which includes India as one of the participating countries.