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NLPCS 2013

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10th International Workshop on

Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science

15-16 October, 2013  - Workshop

17 October, 2013 - Tutorials

CIRM, Marseille, France

Scope of the workshop: 

The aim of this workshop is to foster interactions among researchers and practitioners in Natural Language Processing (NLP) by taking a Cognitive Science perspective. What characterises this kind of approach is the fact that NLP is considered from various viewpoints (linguistics, psychology, neurosciences, artificial intelligence,...), and that a deliberate effort is made to reconcile or integrate them into a coherent whole.

We believe that this is necessary, as the modelling of the process is simply too complex to be addressed by a single discipline. No matter whether we deal with a natural or artificial system (people or computers) or a combination of both (interactive NLP), systems rely on many types of very different knowledge sources. Hence, strategies vary considerably depending on the person (novice, expert), on the available knowledge (internal and external), and on the nature of the information processor: human, machines or both (human-machine communication).

The problem we are confronted with and the spirit of the workshop can fairly well be captured via the following two quotations :

  • "Build models that illustrate somehow the way people use language" (slightly adapted comment taken from Martin Kay's talk given when receiving the acl Lifetime Achievement Award,
  • "Make machines behave more like humans, rather than make people behave like machines" ("Humaniser la machine, ne pas mécaniser l'utilisateur", O. Nérot)

This kind of workshop provides an excellent opportunity to get closer to these goals. Encouraging cross-fertilization it may possibly lead to the creation of true semiotic extensions, i.e. the development of brain inspired (or brain compatible) cognitive systems.


This being the 10th time that NLPCS takes place we have decided to add tutorials to celebrate this special event. There will be three lectures demonstrating cognitive science either from a theoretical or practical point of view.

The attendance for this special event is free of charge. The tutorials are held on Thursday, October 17th. For details, go here.

Since the conference room can accommodate 50 participants at the most, it would be good for us to know if you want to attend these tutorials. So, please express your intention via the following registration form.


Bernadette Sharp

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom,

Michael Zock,

CNRS-LIF, Aix-Marseille Université, France,

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