Nicolas L. Jacquet

Associate Professor of Economics
School of Economics
Singapore Management University


Refereed Publications

  • Money and Asset Prices with Uninsurable Risks (with Serene Tan), December 2012, Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 59 (8), 784-797. Click here for the Supplementary Appendix.
  • Note: The paper was previously circulated under the title "The Liquidity Effects of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices."

  • Wage-Vacancy Contracts and Coordination Frictions (with Serene Tan), May 2012, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 147, 1064-1104. (Old title: "Labor Hoarding Contracts with Coordination Frictions").

  • Money, Bargaining, and Risk Sharing (with Serene Tan), October 2011, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 43(7)(Supplement), 419-442.

  • On the Segmentation of Markets (with Serene Tan), August 2007, Journal of Political Economy, 115(4), 639-664.

  • Working Papers

  • Asset Classes, December 2015, revise and resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy.

  • Contract Enforceability and the (In)efficiency of Worker Turnover, August 2016.

  • Wage-Vacancy Contracts and Multiplicity of Equilibria in a Directed Search Model of the Labor Market (with Serene Tan and John Kennes). The Supplementary Appendix can be found here.

  • Work in Progress

  • Monetary Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Growth (with Serene Tan)

  • Illiquid Housing and Households' Portfolio Choice (with Serene Tan).

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