New Life Dance Academy

Recital 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014
New Life Church Main Auditorium
Dancers arrive in costume at 5:30PM
Auditorium doors open to guests at 6:40PM

Dance recitals are fun and exciting events for both the excited performers who are eager to show off what they have learned from a year of lessons and practicing, and also for the proud parents and grandparents who are just as eager to see how their favorite dancers have progressed and grown in their art.

A dance recital  can be a busy event.  The dancers have worked hard all year in order to prepare for their time in the spotlight. Make their night shine with just a little preparation. Here are some helpful tips for surviving (and enjoying) a dance recital. 

Tips for Before the Dance Recital

  • Practice: The best way to ensure a less stressful dance recital is to practice, practice, practice. Dancing in front of a crowd can create anxiety that leads to forgetfulness, and the best way to combat stage fright is to thoroughly memorize the entire dance routine. Your child will be more confident about performing on stage if he or she knows the routines.
  • Plan: Begin planning a few days before the dance recital by making a list of everything you'll need including the costume, it's accessories, tights and dance shoes. 
  • Pack smart. Along with your child's costume and any accessories, bring a hairbrush, bobby pins, safety pins, baby wipes, clear nail polish (to stop runs in tights) and a stain removing pen or wipe. Make a checklist and arrive at the performance venue with plenty of time to prepare.
  • Organize: Label all costumes and accessories with a permanent marker or sew-on labels. Keep the costume neat and clean by storing it in its original bag, or keep the costume and its accessories together in a bag.
  • Rest: On performance day and the days leading up to it, help your child get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods. This will help her feel better, physically and emotionally. A little extra sleep the week before the recital will go a long way.
  • Do not. . . wear underwear with costume, press-on tattoos, jewelry, watches, nail polish, rope bracelets or have any strings hanging from costume or on dance shoes.
  • Arrive on time: Plan to arrive early enough so your child can check in with their instructor and be seated with his or her class . You'll need time to set up in a dressing room and your child will want extra time to hang around with friends
  • Before the Show: Eating and drinking while in costume is usually a big no-no, and peeling off a fitted costume to use the bathroom can be a little tricky, too, so be sure to have your little dancer have a light snack and use the bathroom before suiting up.
  • Take your child to the auditorium when you arrive and leave him/her there as soon as your child is settled. Make sure you attend to any restroom needs before departing. There will be assigned volunteers as well as dance teachers to help with costume changes. Find out beforehand if you will need to return backstage between dances.

Tips for During the Dance Recital 

  •  Relax: Keep in mind that recitals only happen once each year. Your child will be excited and anxious, as will you. It's not easy watching your own child perform on stage - you will be the one who is nervous. Try to relax and enjoy this special night in your young dancer's life.
  • Cheer for your child and all the dancers: Hearty applause is appreciated by performers. If your child cries on stage or forgets parts of her routines, it is not a disaster. Many children experience stage fright, especially during their first recital. Reassure her that you are still proud of her and encourage her to keep dancing. Remember that this is not a competition and is just a chance for your child to showcase their new skills. The more encouragement the child has, the better!
  • Cell phones and cameras: Please inform your family and friends of the following policies regarding cell phones, cell phone cameras, cameras and video cameras: No cameras of any sort are permitted in the dressing rooms or bathrooms. This includes cell phone cameras. Dancers, parents, family and friends are not permitted to take any photographs in the dressing rooms, bathrooms or hallways adjacent to the dressing rooms. Turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering the theater.
  • Little Ones: We absolutely love kids!, but sometimes dance recitals  are not a fun place for babies and toddlers. We suggest you treat yourself to a sitter and sit back and enjoy the show. If you have a little one that would like to attend, bring a pillow so they can see better. Plan for the inevitable boredom that happens in between dance numbers. Bring books, quiet games (like portable magnetic games meant for long car trips), a small pad of paper and pencil for, etc. Hand-held video games are not recommended (they can be distracting to dancers and audience members). Please keep your child seated during the performance, or take them to the lobby to stretch their legs.Please do not let your child roam the aisles or run/play in the back of the auditorium. 
  • Food/Drinks: Please do not bring food or drinks into the auditorium. Please take care not to enter or exit the auditorium during a number on stage.

Tips for After the Dance Recital 

Celebrate! After the performance, surprise your dancer with a small gift, such as a bouquet of flowers. 

Photos! You may take photos of your child on stage AFTER the performance individually, with friends, with the teachers, etc.

Program. Have your child autograph your program. Keep it in the scrapbook along with the dance pictures.

Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the auditorium or lobby areas. Family members and friends don’t belong backstage or in the dressing rooms during rehearsals or the recital. The same applies during and after the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in the limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas.

Please check your area when you are leaving--we always find a lot of things that are left behind.

Other Important Info . . . 

There will be parent volunteers working back stage, in the dressing rooms and out front in the lobby. These parents will provide excellent care for all the children participating in the show. Dancers will be accompanied by a teacher or volunteer at all times back stage. Students are not permitted in the auditorium during the recital performance. All dancers will be picked up by parents in the auditorium after the recital.  

We must ask that fathers do NOT come into the dressing rooms.

NO cameras are permitted in the dressing rooms



  • Slick hair back using a wet brush and hair spray.
  • Apply more hair spray.
  • Then comb with the wet brush.
  • Pull hair back into a pony tail at the crown of her head. (Visualize a diagonal line from the child's chin to the crown of her head)
  • Braid hair or wrap hair into the bun shape.
  • Your goal is a neat, (flat) bun.
  • Secure bun with heavy hair pins and bobby pins.  Cross or X the pins to anchor them.
  • Most important is a hair net.
  • Try to smooth out all whispies.
  • If your dancer is wearing a tiara, flowers or head piece on stage it must be secured with bobby pins so that it will not fall out.


If you have any questions about anything concerning the end of the year, rehearsal, or recital . . .  Please do not hesitate to contact us!!

May 12 - 15: Last Week of Class  . . .


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Let them praise his name in the dance...
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